Do you believe in God?

Can you prove that God was responsible for this disaster?


God hasn’t caused the earth ozone layer to shrink, or the atmosphere to become polluted, or the trees to be destroyed. Do you know who is responsible for all the earth disasters.

Even some Catholic Cardinals say "its an act of God" To illustrate: While visiting San Pedro Sacatepéquez the Friday after the quake a man pawing through the remains of his home dejectedly told me: “This is punishment from God, because we have been very bad people.”
Where, you may wonder, did he and many others of these humble hardworking people get such an idea? The next day it became apparent. The Catholic Cardinal of Guatemala, Mario Casariego, said, as quoted in the country’s principal newspaper:
“In these moments of great calamities to the people, the teaching of the Holy Scriptures comes to mind: God loves and because he loves, he corrects, sets straight and awakens. . . . Haven’t we resisted so much that we have obligated God to work in this way?” Then he added that helping to rebuild the Cathedral and other destroyed churches would “be the symbol of an authentic and personal return to God.”—El Imparcial, February 7, 1976, page 6.

*** Awake 1976 5/8 p. 9 Earthquake Devastates Guatemala ***

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