I am 55 years old, disabled with early onset alzheimer’s disease, seizures, panic disorder, degenerating disc disease in my back, plus a multitude of other ailments. I ask God all the time when I will be done down here. This life has been terrible for me and I don’t want to do it anymore. They say he don’t give you more than you can handle but, I can’t handle this. Does that mean that god is trying to push me to the limit? I left my house of 23 yrs back in Feb. 09 to live with my sister when her husband died. I could only stand it for 4 months. The drugs and alcohol and all the emotional roller coaster ride thing drove me away. I told her I was leaving and it got violent. She has always been a very angry person and I have always been passive. She was beating on me and I did not hit her back. She had called her son and told him she wanted him to set me out, he came right over. He threw me to the floor and then a little later he tried to block her from coming at me again and hit her in the eye, she got up and he did it again. She called the police and they arrested me because she looked worse than I did. The charges were dismissed but still sit on my record. I had rented my house out to a family and their lease wasn’t up until feb. 2010. They vacated on 02-05-10 and handed over the keys. I go into my house and literally everything was destroyed. There are mice, bed bugs, and roaches everywhere. The exterminator was quite costly but, it had to be done. The house I can handle. It will take time but, it is not anything I haven’t done before. Carpet ripped, heavily soiled by animals, dug up in places. All doors are ruined, wooden and storm doors. Plumbing and fixtures in bathroom and kitchen are all non-functional or leaking. Furnace won’t stay running. They blew up my stove and threw it away without telling me anything. They left their stove and the electronics won’t work, I think because of the roach crap on the circuit board. They broke parts of the refrigerator but, it does still work. It stinks to high heaven though. The microwave looks like they housed a gerbil in it and then blew it up in there. I haven’t tried to see if it works. I had a new washer that I used maybe 5 times and a 1 yr old dryer and a dehumidifier in the basement. None of them work. The chimney looks like someone took a hammer to it. All the window blinds were obliterated and disgusting. The ceiling fans are heavily caked and dangling. All the telephone jacks in the house don’t work. The technician said it looked like they had tried to hook something up and ruined it all. I wonder now if I am going to have electrical problems when I do move back in. Leaving it is not an option as I am on soc. sec. disability and can’t afford much. I get only 7 and the house payment is 0 and the rent on the little one bedroom apt, where I am at currently, is 5. OH GOD, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. I AM SO OVERWHELMED AND HELPLESS. ALL I DO IS CRY. Is there anyone out there that wants to help? sbrobst143 at hotmail.com Please somebody help me. If I could get the house back in order and have appliances that work I could recover and in 2 more months the house payment will drop down to 4. I don’t know how I am going to pay this months house payment. The damages have soaked up all the money I have and it hasn’t even started to look any better. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME. I DO HAVE INSURANCE WITH NATIONWIDE BUT, NOTHING NOT ONE THING IS COVERED BECAUSE, "THE DAMAGE WASN’T BECAUSE OF A NATURAL OCCURRENCE LIKE A LIGHTENING STRIKE, FLOOD, EARTH QUAKE".Their claims adjuster looked directly into my red, wet eyes and told me this without any expression at all. He said he would send me a letter of denial.

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