stalking on cell phones….
WTF?? civilians now have access to the government program which allows them to listen to cell phone conversations, ability to read texts messaged, and Even view the caller thru the camera on the phone, GPS your exact location. scare

all these earth quakes,
the end of the world approaching. all bible prophecy’s coming true.
chile, hatie, turky who will be hit next
economic crisis ( resssion ), swine flue ( many people have died from it )
war on worlds, kingdom’s crashing

tsunami’s what if the government is making these chemical reactions happen? what if they are purposely adding fresh water to out salt water? what if there are doing nuclear testing in antartica making green house effect worse due to radioactive exposure? or what if they are going to parts of the world where people can’t live to do these test?

what if the government is watching people thru thier tv’s satilite connections, all tv’s had to go digital why??? what is the real reason heind that huh???
population control ( taxing on health insurance ) people being denied ins if they are not a citizen so disease spreads people die and population is control ed.

got so many other theory’
s but if i keep writing them here my crazy worries and pondering won’t be read.

explain if anybody can. feed back appreciated

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