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The devastating 2004 Indonesian tsunami, with its death toll of as many as 250,000 people, was caused by the first magnitude-9.0 earthquake since 1967. A succession of smaller but still destructive tremors in Haiti, Chile, and New Zealand — surpassed by this year’s magnitude-9.0 quake in Japan — has some researchers wondering whether the number of large earthquakes is on the rise.

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The largest earthquake in Japanese records hit the East coast of Japan Friday the 11 of March. The large magnitude of the earthquake (~8.9 Mw), its location offshore of the coast and its depth of 14km, triggered a destructive tsunami with waves up to 10m.
The main peculiarity of this this catastrophic event which has damaged most of the eastern coast of Japan leaving the country in need of foreign aid, is that it was preceded by several fore-shocks of large magnitudes up to 7.1 Mw. Such behaviour was not seen in previous hazardous earthquakes like Chile (9.3 Mw), Haiti (6.2Mw) or New Zealand (7.1 and 6.3 Mw)

For more information on this severe natural catastrophe go to:

  • USGSSeismological information and real time data
  • JMALocal scientific information
  • BBCLatest news and some technical notes
  • CNN: Latest news
  • Red Cross: For humanitarian aid

8.9 Earthquake / Tsunami Strikes Japan

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I dreamt about a pregnant woman and tidal waves at the same time, and the waves rose and fell three times. What does it mean?

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I dreamt that my mom, stepfather, fiancee and I were at a crowded beach on a cloudy day. It was strange because we were up at the highest point and there were 3 rows of seats as if it were stadium seating at a movie theater, all empty except for us. They were getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer to touching our feet. People were still in the water and then a massive one rised up and as I’m watching, I’m so scared and telling my family that we have to leave and no one wants to. As it reached it’s peak a Big beautiful angel wearing a white robe and HUGE white wings, flies out of the ocean and into the tsumani. I ask everyone if they saw it and no one else did but me. The tsunami crashes on the beach and the water finally reaches us waist high. We get up out of our seats because we are wet and go to the board walk and then I’m at "home". In the room I grew up in my mothers house with my fiancee’. This dream bothered me so much I need to find out what this means. Please help

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we have enough natural energy sources like wind , solar , wave and tidal power,
why aren’t we expanding the use of each one and combining them to take every home and business off the grid ?

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ive had a similar reoccuring dream the past two years of either myself watching a tidal wave and feeling scared or running away from one. does anyone have an interpretation of this?

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thanks 🙂

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If an iron core asteroid the size of mount everest hit the middle of pacific ocean, how far inland into california coast will the tidal wave go?
Ok,Ok, tsunami

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i have this dream i was in a beach and seeing a dark skies and wind so strong it is start to make a tidal wave. all the people in the beach were running but i was just cant move. i was standing watching the wave being then i saw my crush (well i was to proposed to her in real life but she likes someone else) then we just stared and i look back and saw the waters rushing towards me. what does this mean..?

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