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An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 has shaken the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan today at 01:23:26 AM local time according to the USGS.

For more scientific and general information about this event please go to the
USGS webpage.

This is not the first large or damaging earthquake which has happened in that zone. Below there is a list of historical earthquakes collected from the International Seismological Centre since 1964.

Author Date – Time Lon Lat Depth Value Type
1979-01-16 09:50:06 33.956 59.531 9.7 6.7 MS
1979-11-14 02:21:18 34.029 59.806 3.0 6.7 MS
1979-11-27 17:10:33 34.082 59.795 9.0 7.3 MS
1979-12-07 09:23:55 34.139 59.918 0.0 6.1 MS
1993-01-27 10:27:04 32.084 60.090 21.0 4.8 MS
1994-02-23 08:02:04 30.806 60.569 6.0 6.1 MS
1994-02-26 02:31:11 30.849 60.555 9.4 5.9 MS
1997-05-10 07:57:29 33.878 59.823 6.7 7.0 MS
1997-05-13 11:42:25 33.462 59.888 37.0 3.9 MS
1997-06-16 03:00:10 33.302 60.208 55.2 4.4 MS
1997-06-20 12:57:36 32.327 60.024 34.8 5.4 MS
1998-04-10 15:00:53 32.454 60.086 33.0 5.7 MS
1999-11-08 21:37:20 35.715 61.246 10.0 5.2 MS
2001-10-08 01:17:16 32.899 60.276 27.0 4.4 MS
2003-07-03 14:59:27 35.575 60.850 2.1 4.9 MS
2004-07-14 14:36:02 35.014 61.891 14.8 3.6 MS

This is the map of the events shown above

Global positioning Afghanistan-Pakistan border

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FEMA has not doing its job when hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. However, Wal-Mart become one of the first to be on the scene. Why do you think FEMA should outsource its disaster relief management to private organizations like Wal-Mart?

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1.Not all of the aid actually reaches the people. (As in many African countries, the aid enriches the corrupt officials.)

2.Disaster relief shows preference.(haiti vs Pakistan)

3.Disaster relief is ineffective because there are still many man made disasters that threaten the country (such as terrorism)

Are they good? How can i make them sound better??? :O

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Im interested in this job, sounds pretty nice, I was wondering if somebody knew the requirements
If you have this job in the Navy, tell me your personal experience, tell me the places you been at
Thank you

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The 2010 Canterbury earthquake (also known as the Christchurch earthquake) was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am on 4 September 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC)

The quake caused widespread damage and several power outages, particularly in the city of Christchurch. Two residents were seriously injured, one by a collapsing chimney and a second by flying glass. One person died of a heart attack suffered during the quake, although this could not be directly linked to the earthquake. Mass fatalities were avoided partly due to New Zealand’s strict building codes, although this was also aided by the quake occurring during the night when most people were asleep at home

The earthquake’s epicentre was 40 kilometres (25 mi) west of Christchurch, near the town of Darfield. The hypocentre was at a shallow depth of 10 km. A foreshock of roughly magnitude 5.8 hit five seconds before the main quake, and strong aftershocks have been reported, up to magnitude 5.4. The initial quake lasted about 40 seconds, and was felt widely across the South Island, and in the North Island as far north as New Plymouth. As the epicentre was on land away from the coast, no tsunami occurred

(from wikipedia)

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I want to help people … disaster relief or counsel. I wouldn’t expect money but maybe food and board. Are there any companies, ministries, organizations I can do that with? I am 35 year old office worker and most programs appear to be for young people.

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Why do you think nations are being alot less generous to the Pakistan nation with charitable donations compared to the Hati earthquake disaster? The damage caused by Pakistan’s massive flooding is worse than January’s Haiti earthquake.
The economy remains unchanged since Haiti’s earthquake.

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We help everybody else out with food, money, rebuilding, aid and other things.
Who helps us out when when we have a natural disaster? Like hurricane katrina, somewhere around 82 billion in damage, thats alot of money.

Who comes to our aid, Now during hurricane earl, who again will help us out?

Why do we rush to aid other countries, but to my knowledge which could be wrong, no other countries rush to help us?

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10 pts to best answer.

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I need to find three news articles for a school assignment about a natural disaster effecting Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia, and have so far found none (despite it being in an area prone to cyclones, bush fires, floods and drought).

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