allah just earthquaked Indonesia again knocking down many buildings, including mosques. He keeps on terrorizing the most populous Islamic country in the world. Seriously, I have never seen a country so frequently rocked by earthquakes as Islamic Indonesia. It’s incredible.

Here’s some pictures of allah-earthquaked-mosques. Guess allah doesnt care much for mosques.

Pakistan Earthquake: the initial response

PS – Go ahead, be incredibly stupid (islamic) and deny allah earthquakes mosques. Go ahead, I expect nothing less than total delusion from muslims. Complete dishonesty is what Islam is all about.
SATARA: allah is angry at little kids? He hated everyone in the community? How is that even possible? He either is mad at them all or is punishing the innocent unjustly. Which is it?
THINK TANKED: I asked about why allah earthquakes mosques, not why he creates/allows so much death and pain. In other words, he doesnt have to earthquake the mosque, right? He’s behind everything and nothing happens without his consent. So why does he earthquake mosques? He doesnt have to and yet he does.
Man of all Madness: WW1 and 2? What are you talking about? I am asking why he continues to earthquakes mosques. No one can deny he is picking on the most populous islamic country in the world. He is rocking them every 6 months or so now for the past 5 years straight! Come on! Who doesnt know this?
THINK TANKED 2: What? So allah only targets people for destruction who live in faultline / earthquake prone areas? Thats crazy!!! Seismologists can show you areas that have high likelyhood of earthquakes and those that have almost none.

Some areas are safer to live than others. If you live away from the coastline in an area that has no real threat of earthquake, your pretty safe from allah’s little temper tantrums. Guess you didnt think this through.
NINJA: You never answered the question. I asked why allah earthquakes so many mosques. Indonesia was a side note. Muslims are always quick to find allahs hand in every meaningless coincidence and you will not swear to allah otherwise.

Indonesia is the most populous islamic country in the world and I am suppose to ignore this coincidence? Allah blasts them constantly. Do you even believe in allah? You refer to nature as if its detached from allah. Of course it is, and allah is a fiction but YOU are the muslim, not me. If you really believe in this ridiculous religion, why do you pretend like allah isnt in control? If he is in control, why does he earthquake sooo many mosques and blast Indonesia mercilessly. I loathe Islam and even I feel sorry for them.
THINK TANK 2: I presume no such thing…where do you get that? YOU presume allah controls everything…do you not? So, if allah controls everything, why does he blast the most populous islamic country in the world over and over and over. He could blast them in equal proportions to the rest of the earthquake prone areas of the globe but he choses to blast this islamic country that has only existed for a short time
almost the moment it became islamic.

You gotta admitt, mosques arent very special to allah cause he has no problem knocking them down like everything else.
SHE SAID: We agree. Muslims arent special to allah at all. They are DEFINETLY NOT immune. Agreed.

Of course its even worse than indifference isnt it? If allah exists, and everything is controlled by allah, then given those premises we can make a very strong case that allah hates muslims more than anyone else. Not only are muslims and mosques not immune, but they are more often targeted. Indonesia is constantly blasted. Theres no other country that compares. Ohhh…and guess what…ITS THE MOST POPULOUS ISLAMIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!
SHE SAID 2: Dishonesty is the hallmark of being islamic. Did you not paste a link of an allah-spared mosque? You contradict yourself. Either allah does show favor or he doesnt. You take both sides. I cant tell if you are of the brainless dim-wits that see allahs hand in everything or one of the cowardly agnosticish muslims who knows that there is absolutely no trace of an allah in nature but is to afraid to get off the religious Kool-Aid. Which is it? Is there a disorder here I need to know about?

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