Every since I was a very young girl I had dreams that seems to come true. For example (I had a dream my cousin was shot in the head, and in reality he was shot in the head) I was about 7 years old at that point I am now 23. To make a long story short lots of my dreams come true almost all of them but they usually happen a little different. For example, Death doesn’t always mean death it could mean something will be tooking from me or will disappear. But my cousin got shot in the head in my dream and shot in the head in real life months after I dreamed it… I also daydream vivid pictures and signs that comes true

However, lately I dream that the moon falls out of the sky and it cuts off my air but after awhile I breath again. Lastnight I had the same dream and it almost happened the same way expect it betrays like the world is at a end, and I’m holding my two kids telling them how much I love them. I decide to run to the door to see what’s happening and I see the moon falling. I try to rush back to my kids and it feels like force is pulling me and my air cuts off again. Somehow I excape the held force and make it back to my kids and I decided to hold them until death. But instead I guess the moon lands and causes a great earthquake. Once the earthquake stop we are still alive and I look out the window and see many dead bodies. Its daytime in the dream but its filled with darkness like the sun had stopped shinning.

Can someone please help me????????

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