As soon as i heard about all the cash obama is sending to haiti i nearly spit my drink.. its bull.. their already pretty much dead on their own crime / drug / gheto way of life and here he is, sending much needed troops and cash to help them..

now theirs fund raisers and nothing but nasty pictures of people in the earthquake… its retarded how we can fund raise so much money in this supposed "2nd depression" to help these unproductive ignored people in the world.. i feel bad for the troops having to get their hands dirty again for something they shouldnt be doing.

nah lets help them cause they have always helped america right? who cares of many of us are jobless and poor (and legal.. damn mexicans)… who cares if i cant get health insurance or a loan to get into school.. lets go help them poor blacks keep living so they can continue being nothing to the world
and if the same shit happened to america, i wouldnt expect a damn thing from the world.. except for canada.. cause without us, canada would become the new mexico like america

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