Which four statements are true regarding the San Andreas Fault?
A. The San Andreas Fault is located in California.
B. Some segments of the fault have a slow, gradual movement resulting in little noticeable seismic activity.
C. Stick-slip motion along the fault produces the largest earthquakes.
D. Movement along the fault is occurring at a rate of about 1 or 2 inches a day.
E. The earthquake activity around Parkfield has been very regular since the mid 1800’s.

Which two statements below regarding moment magnitude are true?
A. Moment magnitude is the most accurate way of measuring small earthquakes.
B. Moment magnitude is never as accurate as Richter magnitude.
C. Moment magnitude can be verified by two independent methods.
D. Moment magnitude can be calculated using very long seismic waves.
E. The largest moment magnitude ever identified was a 8.5.

Which three statements are true regarding the Earth’s interior?
A. The core of the earth is iron-rich.
B. The outer core is hotter than the inner core.
C. The mantle comprises the largest portion of the earth.
D. Lower mantle rocks are very hot and capable of very gradual flow.
E. The asthenosphere is a very soft layer in the core.

Which three statements are true regarding earthquakes?
A. Most earthquakes happen along faults.
B. Earthquakes are vibrations of Earth produced by the slow release of energy.
C. Earthquakes are quite rare, occuring only several times a year.
D. Energy from an earthquake radiates out in all directions.
E. The epicenter is located on the surface directly above the focus.

Multiple Answer
Which three statements below are true regarding a tsunami?
A. Tsunami are just really big tidal waves.
B. Most tsunami result from displacement of the seafloor at an underwater fault zone.
C. Tsunami are hard to detect in the open ocean due to their slow speed.
D. A possible warning of a tsunami is the rapid withdrawal of water from beaches.
E. A tsunami slows and gain height as it nears land.
How many 5.o earthquakes would it take to release the same amount of energy as one 8.0 earthquake?
A. 32
B. 1,000
C. 32,000
D. 1,000,000
E. 32,000,000

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