My 15 year old cousin is the typical stubborn type of girl you see on the Maury show on Saturdays , she refuses to listen to anyone and on top of that she hangs out with these ghetto thug gang banging wannabes who talk her in the doing pretty much anything.
Today she came in my room pleading for help ,telling me that she was pregnant and needed money for some type of abortion pill, I’m completely fed up with this crap because I’m 19 and I’m already working 24/7 because of this economy , and the last thing my parents need is some hard headed teen in the house , and trust me she will do this again she’s not even in high school yet so this is only the beginning. How do we go about sending her somewhere? We’ve tried the police before and they were no help at all they only offer 30 day programs at juvenile centers then your child comes back ten times worse ,we’ve sent her to one of these 30 day programs before only to find out she was escaping out from the windows and through a drug test found out she was sniffing coke with one of her friends out on the streets in Miami , She was sent to haiti to live with a relative and of course a couple months later the earthquake hit ,and boarding schools are up to 4,000 a month when my mom can barely pay for the mortgage..
You would think in this economy things wouldn’t be so expensive

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