He’s had one match against batista… and he looked good in that match but everyone here seems to hate him… why?

He’s the son of Afa, one half of the wild samoans. making him the cousin of Umaga, Rakishi and Yokozuna, and his a distant relative of the great one himself.

i have seen a lot of people say hes a umaga rip off… because Manu paints his face speaks no english and destroys people for no reason every week right?

he doesn’t have a finisher… he got beat in what was pretty much a squash against batista has he had chance to use a finisher? No. Do Cody and Ted have finishers? not yet. did the rock use the rock bottom and peoples elbow from his very first match? no.

and if your going to say hes fat… Yokozuna, Rikishi, Big Show, Bam Bam Bigalow, Earthquake, Andre the giant… you get the picture

So why all the hate?
Okay so ted and cody do have finishers but i haven’t seen them used in months BUT cody didn’t have that right away so my point still stands… just

Bob… the idea of them questions was to compare him to Umaga like everyone does… if he was a umaga rip off he would do them things

the point of the question was he gets similar abuse to that of Cena and Batista but hes only had one match… why

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