I have scientific proof that 2012 is bound NOT to happen. I just want to hear your thoughts, and share mine, too. Evidence: you would be able to see Planet X coming by now in the night sky if it were that close to Earth (or if it even exists); the possibility of Planet X actually striking Earth is very slim; Polar Shifts are just a theory, and would otherwise take 5,000 years to complete; the Galactic Alignment had, supposedly, already happened or is going to happen later on, but Sag. A (center of the galaxy) would need to be thousands of light-years closer to Earth to have any effect AT ALL; human disasters are predictable, but astronomical and natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. are completely unpredictable; the Mayans started all of this, and even THEY don’t think 2012 is a disaster but a celebration for a new tomorrow!

These are my accurate facts about 2012, now tell me what you think!
Or just Google: reasons why 2012 won’t happen

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