I live only 15 minutes away from the Mexicali border where the 7.2 and other earthquakes have been propagated from and I tell you, i’ve been through the other quakes from 79 when I was a tot, on up and I have never felt one as violent as this one. I think the reason for such a violent earthquake was that it was shallow. I remember right after I was thinking "Christ, did that come from San Andreas??" I wanted to get on the roof to see where the or if there is a dust cloud to see. I lost a display hutch, a fire place mantel, and bottles and glasses. I also have new cracks around my house walls. I’ve seen pictures of Mexicali, man, they got whacked good, lots of liquefaction and collapsed buildings. Anyways, does anyone know of a site that has animations of the sort showing what actually moves underneath, besides the fault. I mean, what do the focus points look like where the epicenters are? I have been following the quakes since 2007, keeping my eye on that Serro Prieto mountain and the Laguna Sulada fault, I am concerned that it could trigger another large one on our side or even the Serro Prieto fault since the two rub elbows with each other. The Laguna Sulada butts right up against the Yuha Wells fault but I’m not sure if it is underneath or on top, lots of aftershocks have been coming from that area and are very close to the surface. Earthquakes fascinate me as well as they terrify me yup
Thanks but i know all about the fault and tectonic plates movement, the obvious, my 5 year old can explain that one, but I want to know more in detail

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