By natural disaster I don’t just mean a hurricane or volcano..ect I mean a specific natural disaster that happened. Also by report I mean an information text.

I already thought of Haiti and the tsunami of japan, any others?

Thanks for the help!

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Would the tornado make the volcano erupt? Has this ever happened before?

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i dont understand. it comes up under significant earthquakes in the site here:

is it similar to yellowstone swarms? is there an active volcano around there or something what do u know about it?

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Also, what if a nuclear bomb is detonated in the crater of an active volcano, will it erupt?

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My neighbor told my mom this morning that he has a friend who works for the USGS or someplace that monitors earthquakes and that his friend’s boss sent everyone home and told them to spend time with their families…like while they still can. He said it might have something to do with Yosemite?

I just wanted to know if anyone else had heard any rumors? It totally makes sense not to tell the public…that’d just cause chaos and wouldn’t really help anyone.
Haha I think it was more like a volcano triggering a series of earthquakes or something like that, but I don’t even know if thats possible. :] Thanks for your answer! I wasn’t sure whether to believe him, it just aroused my curiosity.

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I heard of another big volcano, near there another threat to it’s fault line.
I had heard, though that it might eventaully, affect the fault thatsin the middle of the two sets of contenents
and the platonics are dividings these further from eachother and it would the biggest in the world disaster. I heard this on the news by the way.

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It seems that there have been a ton of severe earthquakes recently, plus of course the volcano "I F’d Urkel" (although I heard that was set off by melting ice).

How unusual is this? What might it mean if we keep having earthquakes?

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Is it true? My friends whole family is totally preparing for the end of the world. they say to look at all the bad stuff happening, like apparently the earthquakes and the now volcano that erupted is a sign… do you think its true?

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Why is there Earthquakes happening and Volcano’s erupting all the time. It getting me worried is it to do with the 2012 predictions.

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Which would be scariest to happen do you think? Don’t answer based on which one’s actually happen where you live.
Sandstorm? Fire? Earthquake? Blizzard? Monsoon? Tornado? Avalanche? Mud slide? Volcano?

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