An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 has shaken the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan today at 01:23:26 AM local time according to the USGS.

For more scientific and general information about this event please go to the
USGS webpage.

This is not the first large or damaging earthquake which has happened in that zone. Below there is a list of historical earthquakes collected from the International Seismological Centre since 1964.

Author Date – Time Lon Lat Depth Value Type
1979-01-16 09:50:06 33.956 59.531 9.7 6.7 MS
1979-11-14 02:21:18 34.029 59.806 3.0 6.7 MS
1979-11-27 17:10:33 34.082 59.795 9.0 7.3 MS
1979-12-07 09:23:55 34.139 59.918 0.0 6.1 MS
1993-01-27 10:27:04 32.084 60.090 21.0 4.8 MS
1994-02-23 08:02:04 30.806 60.569 6.0 6.1 MS
1994-02-26 02:31:11 30.849 60.555 9.4 5.9 MS
1997-05-10 07:57:29 33.878 59.823 6.7 7.0 MS
1997-05-13 11:42:25 33.462 59.888 37.0 3.9 MS
1997-06-16 03:00:10 33.302 60.208 55.2 4.4 MS
1997-06-20 12:57:36 32.327 60.024 34.8 5.4 MS
1998-04-10 15:00:53 32.454 60.086 33.0 5.7 MS
1999-11-08 21:37:20 35.715 61.246 10.0 5.2 MS
2001-10-08 01:17:16 32.899 60.276 27.0 4.4 MS
2003-07-03 14:59:27 35.575 60.850 2.1 4.9 MS
2004-07-14 14:36:02 35.014 61.891 14.8 3.6 MS

This is the map of the events shown above

Global positioning Afghanistan-Pakistan border

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When I watch USGS’s maps
I always see a lot of movement near the Southern California Mexico border.

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i dont understand. it comes up under significant earthquakes in the site here:

is it similar to yellowstone swarms? is there an active volcano around there or something what do u know about it?

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i just had a dream of two earthquakes of 8.0+ Magnitude in the US, it was on the map of USGS and it was in Taxes and new mexico, why am i seeing this? >:|, everything i ‘feel, see or hear’ comes True
do you think this might happen sometime Later in the years??
im only 15 and im scared

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My neighbor told my mom this morning that he has a friend who works for the USGS or someplace that monitors earthquakes and that his friend’s boss sent everyone home and told them to spend time with their families…like while they still can. He said it might have something to do with Yosemite?

I just wanted to know if anyone else had heard any rumors? It totally makes sense not to tell the public…that’d just cause chaos and wouldn’t really help anyone.
Haha I think it was more like a volcano triggering a series of earthquakes or something like that, but I don’t even know if thats possible. :] Thanks for your answer! I wasn’t sure whether to believe him, it just aroused my curiosity.

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i got the info from USGS and i’m really worried about what an earthquake could do to this island, even worse a tsunami! can someone help?!

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I recall after the earthquake in Chile, a seimologist from the USGS said there is a 6.0 earthquake every four weeks or so. There were two in the last week and have been 21 so far in 2010 and 20 in all of 2002.
Ok, so there have been more 6.0 or greater quakes so far in 2010 than in 2002 and you don’t see an increase? Wow!
Check out the links, show me your proof that they haven’t increased, please.

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It happened in Dominican Republic. Here is the link the the Seismic Server and if you look at ALL the devices it shows activity around 6 pm yesterday.
Why did every device across the world pick up activity. How can ALL the devices record false information at approximately the same time.

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First Haiti, then Guatemala, then Chile, now California:

An earthquake rumbled early Saturday off the northern California coast and dozens of people in Humboldt County reported feeling it, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The 4.6-magnitude temblor hit at 12:46 a.m. and was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 30 miles west of Ferndale.

USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin said the temblor was lightly felt in area cities such as Eureka and Ferndale but wasn’t strong enough to cause damage.

"Ferndale felt it the most," he said.,0,5397081.story?track=rss

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I really LOVE the reporters names associated with story #2 – makes you wonder whether it is just Yahoo or also the USGS that is losing credibility.

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