Ever since the Easter earthquake, I have been really tense and paranoid. I know the "big one" is bound to happen sometime….. and I also know that you can’t predict earthquakes… but I’m sure scientists have made estimates of when it will strike. And if it strikes LA, how badly will it affect San Diego? And will this "big one" cause a tsunami?

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Or does it just appear that way? Is it normal for earthquakes to happen in series like this?

I’ve looked on the USGS site and I can see that earthquakes happen every day but how does this year (and last year) stand up to past years?

I haven’t always been up on world news but now I am very into the news…so I’m not sure if it’s just that I didn’t notice it in the past.

BTW, I know there are other places to ask this but I normally get good activity/answers here. 🙂
I think it is easier to blow this off because there is nothing anyone can do to stop an earthquake or tsunami. I discovered after the earthquake in Haiti (right after the earthquake in Eureka) by looking through the earthquake reports that earthquakes do happen everyday. However, I also feel that this is something that you would have to calculate. The information is there for the public, it’s just a matter of who is willing to sort through it and compare it previous years. I don’t have time to do that because I only have a computer at work.


I don’t think it’s the end of the world but I do think our Earth is shifting and changing. Those of us who are fortunate to survive this shifting are going to really enjoy the new Earth.

I am not a "gloom and doom" kind of person but I live in SF, it is very realistic that a big one might hit here in the near future. I feel that something is up with the world.

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It seems like all corners of the world are helping out with donations to help the impoverished country and many countries like the United States, Great Britain, Mexico, and Canada are on the island with some troops and doctors trying to help out as much as they can.

I’m very young but never in my life have I seen the world come together to try and help out for such a disaster. The closest before was the tsunami in Indonesia.

It’s awesome to see.

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i got the info from USGS and i’m really worried about what an earthquake could do to this island, even worse a tsunami! can someone help?!

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Timed and synchronized devices on both sides of the island to give the illusion of a natural tsunami.

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since there are so many earthquakes that happened recently

if so? is California going to sink into Nevada?
how to survive the earthquake?
and how big will the earthquake be?
will there be tsunami’s too?

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Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, earthquakes or any other….which one is the worst?

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some says tsunami is just a Japanese term of tidal wave..

some says tsunami is bigger than tidal wave…

some says tsunami is caused by earthquake, landslide, eruptions, etc.. and tidal wave is caused by the moons gravitation… i believe in this statement.. because the word tide in high tide and low tide is there.. and it is cause by the moon’s gravity… if so… how does pulling of the moon’s gravity makes the tidal wave??

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As you may or may not have heard, a devastating 8.8 earthquake struck Chile earlier this evening, and our USGS Immediately issued warnings in Chile and the surrounding regions about the likelihood of a tsunami.

Much like Haiti, you can be sure that Chile will require an outpouring of international help to rebuild from this catastrophe. My question is, where should that help come from? Should it continue to come from the United States, given how many other resource draining situations we are already involved in? Should we provide intelligence and effort coordination, helping other aid and what not get where it needs to go, or should we do something like send money and food and stay the Hell out of the way?

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What was the rescue vehicle or emergency transport vehicle used to give relief to the victims of the 2004 Tsunami disaster in Indonesia?

What were the vehicle’s capabilities?
ok, so a total of 40 people could be carried at once?

Could anyone tell me how many people were rescued total?

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