How does tornado affect the 4 spheres of earth??

the 4 spheres are:

Lithosphere (Rock)

Hydrosphere (Water)

Atmosphere (Air)

Biosphere (Living and Dead things).

n im asking how tornado effects them, n im researching for my task to make a magazine articlee. i need to know info about it buts its hard to finddd so please write with effort, i will give 5 stars

thanks !

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Via the best thing, I mean. This has never happened before in history but what should you do if a tornado were to hit and an earthquake both in the same location simulataneously and you were upstairs full of windows to stay safe from the earthquake but puts you in danger of the tornado storm that is also going on or if you’re down basement, you’re safe from the tornado but also put yourself in danger of the earthquake. Please help! I don’t want to have one of my internet friends killed because of this and I’d do everything that’s right to protect my friends.

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A tornado is supposed to hit my city and we have no basement.. My little sister is very scared, we can’t go out because the car is messed up, what is the second safest place in the house what what things can we do?

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Ok if there was a tornado and i live in an APT building on the first floor where would i hide if there is no basement..!?!?!

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ok weather is really warm right now. witch is very strange to me since its early January in northern indiana. about a week ago temperatures were in the 20s and so. now its like 50-65Fer. its been raining the past 2-3 days. how likely is it to have a tornado here with rapid temperature change like this?

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I need either an animation or series of images to help me describe how a tornado forms for a class project and I’m having difficulty finding any I can use. Could someone tell me where I might find this. Thanks.

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In billings,mt? Cause there was recently a tornado and i’ve been scared for every storm. SO what are the chances?

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Our house is on a hill. Our "basement’ is not underground and there are sliding glass doors going to the front yard from the basement. Every room in our house has windows except for the closets and hallway. There are two adults and two small children. Where is the best spot for us to go if a tornado hits?

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I live in FL & we supposedly never get ‘dangerous’ tornadoes, but earlier today everyone was saying that there was one. How big does a tornado have to be to pick up a car? And what about to destroy a typical house (you know — the houses that only have a thin layer of cement around the outside)? Thanks!

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I understand that a tornado’s destructive path can go for miles and be anywhere from feet to a mile wide (F5). But how far into the ground does it disturb? I see storm shelters aren’t very deep, how shallow is considered safe?

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