I’m skeptical in regards to translating, interpreting the meanings of dreams, so please include a reference, preferably science-based, like DSM4, APA, etc…

Almost every dream has an earth quake or tidal wave, even the occasional atomic bomb.
I’ve had tidal wave dreams all my life. Earthquakes came in after 1989, and nuclear war started in 1991.

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My friends and I are making a video, and there’s one scene where my friend is standing right infront of a giant wave, where can i find a good video clip of a tidal wave coming straight towards someone? We’re using green screen thing so yeah. Any links?


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some says tsunami is just a Japanese term of tidal wave..

some says tsunami is bigger than tidal wave…

some says tsunami is caused by earthquake, landslide, eruptions, etc.. and tidal wave is caused by the moons gravitation… i believe in this statement.. because the word tide in high tide and low tide is there.. and it is cause by the moon’s gravity… if so… how does pulling of the moon’s gravity makes the tidal wave??

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I had a dream that i was sitting on the beach, and tidal wave after tidal wave were coming up to the shore and then as they were at their tallest point and curling over me, they would disappear right as they were about to hit me. Then, a wave didn’t disappear and i woke up right as it hit me. what does this dream mean?

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a tidal wave like effect, but of mass. of the fabric of space. like a 2nd universe getting big banged over this one…or somethin. sorry my brain works on levels hard to put into words.

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Often a tidal wave can appear enormous and some tsunamis are not, but tsunamis cause untold devestation I know that tsunamis are often caused by earthquakes happening under the ocean, but what actually happens that makes the tsunami so much more destructive than the ordinary tidal wave?

Just wondering!

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A tsunamis (tidal wave) was observed that had a frequency of 1 wave every 30 mins and a wavelength of 1000 kilometers. How fast is it moving?

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How is this even possible? At the end of the movie they run in to Mt. Everest (29,035 ft). So how then does a 1500m tall tidal wave (as stated in the dialogue of the movie) even reach you?

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Just wondering how much of the coast line could change? In the event of global warming how far would the water come inland? In the event of a tidal wave how far could a wave come inland? Seriously, I want to know. I know eventually over millions of years it could become an island chain, but how much could really happen in say the next 100 years?

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if you doesn’t believed…please read amos 5:8…..just understand it well..bro. eli soriano is the one who gave this verse and he proves that tidal wave can be found in the bible…

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