and even argue that a tsunami is the same as a tidal wave, but is this? A tidal wave looks very weak compared to a tsunami in terms of destructive powers and distance of flow. Please explain and give me some references. I am from the Philippines and a tsunami might hit us a few hours from now. Thanks.

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ive had a similar reoccuring dream the past two years of either myself watching a tidal wave and feeling scared or running away from one. does anyone have an interpretation of this?

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If an iron core asteroid the size of mount everest hit the middle of pacific ocean, how far inland into california coast will the tidal wave go?
Ok,Ok, tsunami

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i have this dream i was in a beach and seeing a dark skies and wind so strong it is start to make a tidal wave. all the people in the beach were running but i was just cant move. i was standing watching the wave being then i saw my crush (well i was to proposed to her in real life but she likes someone else) then we just stared and i look back and saw the waters rushing towards me. what does this mean..?

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I used to have this dream from the age of 9-16, that the mountain behind my house would turn into a HUGE tidal wave, and stay suspended mid-air. I would just stare at it from my bedroom window, while it remained overhead. What might it have meant?
I was never scared, either. Just mesmerized.

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just curious about what people think will happen i worry about massive tidal waves and that’s it can you help me out? What do you think the chance of a massive tidal wave is for 2012

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Now that we have massive amounts of oil in the Gulf of Mexico; what’s going to happen? Every Hurricane season we get at least one hurricane that comes in the Gulf, it’s almost inevitable. What’s going to happen this time? Will it slow it down? Will it sling oil all over 50 states? Or will we get one big tidal wave of oil coming on the beaches?

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I haven’t been able to find a guide online or on Youtube on how to make a tidal wave friendship bracelet – it looks really cool, so if any of you can teach me, or post a link to a site that could help me, would be greatly appreciated! (:

this is what it looks like:

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how does tidal/wave technology work?

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After each tidal wave some potential energy in the Earth-Moon gravitational system transfers to oceans on Earth. Does this loss weaken the Earth-Moon bond?

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