They had said the Easter earthquake in Mexico relived pressure on the San Andreas Fault. Now they just came out with a new study saying it is "Locked and loaded" and is overdue for a very large quake. Which is correct?

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if the "BIG ONE" strike in APRIL OR MAY (that what i heard) will it be worst to live right on the san andreas fault? should i do something before it strike CALIFORNIA im really scared like out of my mind my family planning to leave California for good next month but im not sure i hear once it strike California is gonna become an ocean…..-.- well half of California….. what should i do? any advice for my safety and other?

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i read it on some weird site i dont remember what but it mentioned that the san andreas fault in california could buckle or something? whats this mean? what the hec?

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I have a few questions…

One, I live in Bakersfield, CA… not too far from the San Andreas Fault. If the next "big one" is predicted to be 8.0, what will that radiate to in Bakersfield?

Two, my one story house was built in 1978. Do you think it will collapse?

And third, will it be a "rolling" quake or a "side to side" shake?

Any serious and professional opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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If there is a massive earthquake at the San Andreas Fault, I’m talking The Big one(big earthquake that is supposed to happen soon in California) will people in Arizona feel the quake and the impact??

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I make a presentation about the san andreas fault.

can I begin so? ::

All began 1857. The two (earth) plates moved each other, so they formed a fault.

is this written in correct english? and have i use the correct tense??

thank you

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Who here is scared of the San Andreas Fault? It’s going to be anywhere from 7.8- 8.0! The earthquake is going to be huge!! And this week is earthquake preparation week!!! Tell me your comments about it and how you feel…

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the San Andreas Fault, located in California, is to continue its activity, what does the future look like for that area?
Answer 1: Ha ha thats funny but u

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I need to find some excellently information based websites about The San Andreas Fault. Can anyone help????????????????

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The cost of housing in Calif. is horrendous, but still?
Well at least there has never been a good shaker in Palm Springs yet.
theirs is near the Cajon Pass, beautiful but scarey.
Gads, the San Andreas fault slices the whole length of Calif. North and South this titanic fissure with two chunks of our planet moving in opposite directions reminds me of a hibernating bear , just waiting to spring forth.

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