lol I did. but an hour later
at Metalupyourass, nice username by the way lol, its not like I am assuming that everyone felt the earthquake. asking this question doesnt mean I think everyone lives in California. I do not know how that even entered your mind.
and also thats why I am asking who felt the earthquake. if you didnt feel the earthquake then a simple "No" is good enough

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This is kinda like a "what if" question. This is a horrible disaster, and it is hurricane season. Would oil "get" into the rain, since water evaporates, to form rain? If this did happen it would be a disaster, or is it possible it would just be like a normal hurricane, with oil having no effect at all?

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soooooooooooo…. they said we have nothing to worry about… with all the hype of the obvious "2012" thing, but more specifically, the fact that the earth is going through a lot more the past few years is pretty bad.

tell me this doesn’t add up to something?
-note- the stats aren’t as high as past years, but this year isn’t even half way over and already it’s above half the other years.

another thing – the chile earthquake shifted the earth’s axis, and our days are shorter by a fraction of a second, i know not to worry about a fraction of a second, but eventually it adds up… 1/50th of a second is a whole second in just 50 days, a minute in a couple years, and will eventually add up to an hour to a whole day to a couple days, to a week, to a month, to a couple months to half a year, to a whole year (that’s giving the half a second or whatever it is, hundreds of years to take away a whole years worth of time)… i plan on living a long healthy life, so why would i want a day or two taken out of my routine?

no, i’m not being paranoid… frankly, i don’t give a crap. i just wanted to post a question to make people think. SO please don’t put up "omg you’re so dumb" "wow you need to kill yourself" "wtf you believe everything you read" answers.

ten points will go to the person who puts the most thought into their answer… thus, you won’t get 10 points by posting "posting for points" because that’s not going to get you anywhere.
i applaud you dylan, although, you’re a dick… so i have to give you a thumbs down.
gexi… i’ll be with you in hell because i don’t believe in it either LOL and i don’t think the world is gonna end ^^ i’m not into following the rest of the obvious cattle into the cage so we can be slaughtered. but, i don’t believe nothing is going to happen.. i’d rather be undecided because that way whatever happens happens and i can accept it either way.

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Think about the types of instruments that a marine scientist or geologist might use to gather evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics. What specific instruments were needed to gather each of the following types of data? (use the "Developing the Theory" section)
(a) demonstration of the ruggedness and youth of the ocean floor
(b) confirmation of repeated reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field in the geologic past
(c) emergence of the seafloor-spreading hypothesis and associated recycling of oceanic crust
(d) precise documentation that the world’s earthquake and volcanic activity is concentrated along oceanic trenches and submarine mountain ranges

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I’ve got an eight-year-old 32" Toshiba–a tube TV, not a flat-screen. Recently the picture has become intermittently jittery and twitchy. Some of the jitters are tiny, but then at other times it’s more like a small earthquake. It can last for 10-20 minutes, but then go away for two or three hours before returning. It happens on every input, so it’s not a loose cable. Hitting the side of the TV isn’t very effective in stopping it, though it does seem to be a reliable way to induce the jittering when it’s not happening already (useful I suppose if/when I need to show the problem to a repair guy).

Don’t know whether I should get it looked at and fixed (or how much that’s likely to cost) or whether I should just take this opportunity to hop on the HD bandwagon. It’s our primary TV, so it’s not something we want to just live with. But at the same time, considering it works just fine for hours between fits of jittering, it seems nowhere near "broken" enough to just scrap it.

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I always wondered out of curiosity. Picture a young boy put into a "Robinson Crusoe" situation. Not baptised, just somehow ended up on his own (earthquake killed his parents), raised himself, fed himself, never sinned, and never been exposed to any religion, people or sin. When he dies which religion would take him? Would Catholic God say ok, you can go to heaven , or will He say you have never read my bible or accepted Catholism you are going to hell? Would Muslim God let him go to heaven? Would any religion accept him? Would Buddhism or Hinduism be kinder to him? What about an older Christian religion like Eastern Orthodoxy?

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I’m doing a virtual project for my physics class involving shipping disaster relief items (mine being a water tank to Tanzania). I’m not too familiar with all of the different kinds of aircrafts and such, but I’m pretty much trying to find a cargo aircraft that has a cargo door (I’m more than positive that’s incorrect terminology) bigger than 12 x 20" and can hold, at the MOST, 48,000 lbs. Kind of difficult for me. So, if anyone has any websites and/or information on what kind of aircraft I should be looking for, or any specific aircraft reccomendations, let me know.
Thanks :]
NOTE// Sorry I didn’t mention this, but I’m not allowed to use helicopters. Which, I think, doesn’t make too much sense.. but whatever.
Oh, and after browsing a few of the suggested aircraft I figured out that it’s going to be nearly impossible to find a plane that has a big enough cargo door, yet has that small of a maximum weight. I believe as long as I have a valid argument as to why the max. weight for my plane is so high, my teacher won’t have too much of a problem with it. I’ll just have to increase the number of water tanks I’m carrying or something of that nature. Thanks :].

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please give me answer for this question i have to make a project on and i have still got no answer please give me information about

"what can a student do inmanaging disasters"

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I live only 15 minutes away from the Mexicali border where the 7.2 and other earthquakes have been propagated from and I tell you, i’ve been through the other quakes from 79 when I was a tot, on up and I have never felt one as violent as this one. I think the reason for such a violent earthquake was that it was shallow. I remember right after I was thinking "Christ, did that come from San Andreas??" I wanted to get on the roof to see where the or if there is a dust cloud to see. I lost a display hutch, a fire place mantel, and bottles and glasses. I also have new cracks around my house walls. I’ve seen pictures of Mexicali, man, they got whacked good, lots of liquefaction and collapsed buildings. Anyways, does anyone know of a site that has animations of the sort showing what actually moves underneath, besides the fault. I mean, what do the focus points look like where the epicenters are? I have been following the quakes since 2007, keeping my eye on that Serro Prieto mountain and the Laguna Sulada fault, I am concerned that it could trigger another large one on our side or even the Serro Prieto fault since the two rub elbows with each other. The Laguna Sulada butts right up against the Yuha Wells fault but I’m not sure if it is underneath or on top, lots of aftershocks have been coming from that area and are very close to the surface. Earthquakes fascinate me as well as they terrify me yup
Thanks but i know all about the fault and tectonic plates movement, the obvious, my 5 year old can explain that one, but I want to know more in detail

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I live in the northeast. A couple of weeks ago we had one of those "once in a hundred years" rain storms that seem to happen every ten years around here.

I live a couple miles from the ocean in an area that eons ago was actually in the ocean. About five feet down the soil ends and marine clay begins. Rainwater does not permeate marine clay. The result of the recent colossal storm was that almost everybody in my area experienced flooded basements, me included.

Luckily, I had all my mechanicals on cement pads just high enough to avoid being ruined, but I lost a lot of tools (I’m a contractor) that I’ve had for years, and the kids playroom. There is no way I can produce receipts for the tools. To replace them all at once, I estimate it would cost about 12K, I could rebuild a very nice playroom for less than k

I’ve never taken a dime from the government but FEMA sent me a letter, through my insurance carrier, telling me that I qualify for relief.

Anybody have any experience with this? Worth it or were you bogged down in red tape?

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