I recall after the earthquake in Chile, a seimologist from the USGS said there is a 6.0 earthquake every four weeks or so. There were two in the last week and have been 21 so far in 2010 and 20 in all of 2002.
Ok, so there have been more 6.0 or greater quakes so far in 2010 than in 2002 and you don’t see an increase? Wow!
Check out the links, show me your proof that they haven’t increased, please.

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Not just the earthquakes and volcanoes but what about theses lights falling from the sky and all these comets appearing in the night sky this year? It’s like Earth gone wild 2010 edition. I am not feeding for conspiracies,if some one has a deep educational explanation I want to know.

If you want to know what I talking about,with the lights and comets falling
If you want to see the list seismic activity that has happened with year

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Another big earthquake just happened in the Solomon Islands!
I feel like saying: if a person doesn’t think these quakes are one of the signs that Jesus said would be happening to mark the end times and signify His return,their delusional!
Jesus said there would be earthquakes all over the place all happening at the same time or very close to each other,that’s never been the pattern before of earthquakes in human history!
A person can check this in science facts!
Many of the things that God has said would happen in the end times has already taken place!

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Am I ill informed, or does it seem/feel like earthquakes rarely happen at night?
I meant large quakes, not those little things that do nothing. And please don’t be smart with me. Yes obviously its night time somewhere else. I mean at that place where it happens.
It feels like most measurable, newsworthy quakes, happen during the day.

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I live only 15 minutes away from the Mexicali border where the 7.2 and other earthquakes have been propagated from and I tell you, i’ve been through the other quakes from 79 when I was a tot, on up and I have never felt one as violent as this one. I think the reason for such a violent earthquake was that it was shallow. I remember right after I was thinking "Christ, did that come from San Andreas??" I wanted to get on the roof to see where the or if there is a dust cloud to see. I lost a display hutch, a fire place mantel, and bottles and glasses. I also have new cracks around my house walls. I’ve seen pictures of Mexicali, man, they got whacked good, lots of liquefaction and collapsed buildings. Anyways, does anyone know of a site that has animations of the sort showing what actually moves underneath, besides the fault. I mean, what do the focus points look like where the epicenters are? I have been following the quakes since 2007, keeping my eye on that Serro Prieto mountain and the Laguna Sulada fault, I am concerned that it could trigger another large one on our side or even the Serro Prieto fault since the two rub elbows with each other. The Laguna Sulada butts right up against the Yuha Wells fault but I’m not sure if it is underneath or on top, lots of aftershocks have been coming from that area and are very close to the surface. Earthquakes fascinate me as well as they terrify me yup
Thanks but i know all about the fault and tectonic plates movement, the obvious, my 5 year old can explain that one, but I want to know more in detail

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The latest news says that in the past 3 and a half months (2010) there were 70 quakes over 4.0 intensity. The total for the entire past year (2009) was 30.

I am not an alarmist nor do I wish any ill will toward anyone but does this mean anything?

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There has now been an earthquake in the Solomon Islands 7.1
I was looking at the latest earthquakes and it seems like the whole world is moving.
We seem to be having more and more quakes Do you think this is the end??



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First Haiti, then Chile, then Turkey, now Cali. This is getting pretty crazy, and I know quakes are caused by the plates moving, but why are they all happening now?
I take it you guys saw the movie too xD?
I do read the Bible, you think its the apocalypse?

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Also I’d like to mention that there are that many quakes EVERY year, there are just more people each year so we live where there are quakes.


Lorraine: Scientists have DETECTED more earthquakes than ever. Because they have more seismographs than in 1920. Because they’re LOOKING for more.

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