soooooooooooo…. they said we have nothing to worry about… with all the hype of the obvious "2012" thing, but more specifically, the fact that the earth is going through a lot more the past few years is pretty bad.

tell me this doesn’t add up to something?
-note- the stats aren’t as high as past years, but this year isn’t even half way over and already it’s above half the other years.

another thing – the chile earthquake shifted the earth’s axis, and our days are shorter by a fraction of a second, i know not to worry about a fraction of a second, but eventually it adds up… 1/50th of a second is a whole second in just 50 days, a minute in a couple years, and will eventually add up to an hour to a whole day to a couple days, to a week, to a month, to a couple months to half a year, to a whole year (that’s giving the half a second or whatever it is, hundreds of years to take away a whole years worth of time)… i plan on living a long healthy life, so why would i want a day or two taken out of my routine?

no, i’m not being paranoid… frankly, i don’t give a crap. i just wanted to post a question to make people think. SO please don’t put up "omg you’re so dumb" "wow you need to kill yourself" "wtf you believe everything you read" answers.

ten points will go to the person who puts the most thought into their answer… thus, you won’t get 10 points by posting "posting for points" because that’s not going to get you anywhere.
i applaud you dylan, although, you’re a dick… so i have to give you a thumbs down.
gexi… i’ll be with you in hell because i don’t believe in it either LOL and i don’t think the world is gonna end ^^ i’m not into following the rest of the obvious cattle into the cage so we can be slaughtered. but, i don’t believe nothing is going to happen.. i’d rather be undecided because that way whatever happens happens and i can accept it either way.

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California seems like a fun state to live in. I would like to move there for many reasons. But I’m scared of the earthquakes and volcanoes. If I buy a nice house there, I think an earthquake or something will just ruin it, and there goes 300,000+ dollars down the drain. How do people in California deal with the earthquakes and natural disasters?
Natalie- Wow, calm down. You didn’t have to be a bitch about it.

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Please give me your name, job title, and if possible your phone number. These are the questions I have for you:

* What type of disaster did you experience?
* When and where did this disaster occur?
* What did you do to prepare for the disaster?
* What steps did you take during the disaster to protect yourself or your home?
* How much damage was done to your town?
* What was the experience like after the disaster?
* What did you learn from this experience?
* Have you ever experienced any other natural disasters?

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I am 17 and I need to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life, my career. I wanted to be an Architect, but now I’m second guessing it. I am taking it as an elective at my high school, and its a lot of fun, but I know once i get to college, theres so much more to it than just making up floor plans.
Before Architecture, I wanted to become a Meteorologist. I kinda still do. I have an interest in weather and Natural Disasters(like tornadoes and earthquakes). My mom keeps telling me she can’t picture me in either career. I’m not sure if I can either all so much now I think about it.
So, What career is for me? I like drawing, designing, deciding where things go, music, weather, sports, helping others, nature, the environment, etc. I don’t like fashion and history.
I know for one, that I don’t want to become a nurse or doctor or dentist or vet or related fields. I am like, terrified of needles and stuff like that.
Thankyou for your responses 🙂

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I have a project and I must include the following:
-natural disasters
*mud slides
*wild fires
*and so forth

I must have a good bit of natural disasters.. I also have to have as much detail as possible.
Detail must include: the event its self, and the impact on the land and people.

I also need pictures. As much as possible.

I have to give a 3-5 minutes presentation, so details are nice.
Not tooo many but you get my point.
If you can give me websites too that would be great!
I also need this before the end of the day… cause I have to finish putting this on notecards and a poster and practice talking about it by the end of the day… so yeah.
thank you but i still need more than just floods…
maybe avolanch?
i cant spell but yeah..

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It doesn’t have to be in the US. I would actually prefer if it wasn’t

*I’m writing a paper on natural disasters, specifically focusing on collateral damage. I was planning on talking about how natural disasters affect the enviornment, economy, /need something for the last paragraph/ .. Any advice/input would be lovely! Thank you so much!

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Is the world coming to an end?
i have noticed that since year 2000, a lot of natural disasters have been occuring and seem to be intensifying as we draw even closer to 2012, i mean just this year alone we have had the earth quake in haiti, the earth quake in chile and the earth quake in turkey, the earthquake in indonesia, not to talk about the massive flood in portugal and the latest earthquake in china. is it just me or does it seem that the closer we get to 2012 the mayan end of the world the worse globally things seem to become. i am starting to think that all of these are signs and that on december 21 2012, that something will go wrong with the hadron collider in 2012 and BANG!, THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN AND BYE BYE WORLD WITH A BANG. just interested what are ur thoughts
please ans

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There are zones where natural disasters such as flooding/tornados/hurricanes/and wildfires can be easily expected!
Is it anyone else’s responsibility to "help" rebuild or the people who have chosen to live there?

I am proud that most citizens are willing to give when called upon to do so….but would it lessen the burden if we stopped populating areas of the country where natural disasters are prevelant?

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We are sending millions of pounds of grains, and other foods to other countries when we have hungry people here in the USA.

We are supplying millions of dollars worth of first aid to other countries when we would like cheaper health care in our USA.

We are borrowing money from china and russia and giving it to countries that don’t need it like Isreal (top 25 per capita).

We spend billions on disaster relief at other countries when we have thousands of families still homeless from our own natural disasters.

Shouldn’t we take care of our own first?

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I know during hurricane katrina the national guard was sent in to distribute supplies to people, helping the police in restoring order, and knocking door by door to evacuate people, all while carrying a machine gun on their backs. Im in highshool and would like to join the gaurd and I would like a job like that. What kind of job in the Guard lets you work with people, distribute needed supplies, enforce the law, help in natural disasters or terrorist attacks? Answers are appreciated

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