A coworker told me of a top ten list of natural disaster that came on yahoo recently. He described one of the disasters as occurring about 20 or 40 years ago in some central America country like Ecuador where gas had leaked throughout a city and the gas caught on fire and burned many people. I looked all over and couldn’t find any disaster like this in history. Does anybody know of a disaster like this happening?

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How do I prepare my dog for a natural disaster, most likely a tornado. How do I increase my chances of reunited with with her if we where to separated

I live tornado alley and I recent one that did some damage brought me to senses that this can happen

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What are some of FEMA plans when it comes to preparing for natural disaster emergencies such as hurricane, tornados and earthquakes. Are they well published in terms of what the plans are depending on the area, the type of disaster, the severity of disaster, etc? Is FEMA well prepared for every type of natural disaster that can happen in the US?

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facilities in the Persian Gulf. A total of 120,000 gallons of crude oil(density 0.86 g/cm^3) spilled onto the desert soil. At first it was thought that 50,000 gallons eventually flowed into a reservoir that supplies drinking water to several communities.Later it was learned that only 35,000 gallons had flowed into the reservoir.The clean up crews removed the crude oil from the reservoir in a little over week.It took much longer to remove the crude oil from the sandy desert soil.After two weeks of continuous effort,, only 5000 gallons of oil had been removed.This area of the desert is irrigated and used for growing crops,,most of which were killed by the crude oil oil.It is not yet known if all if all the oil can be removed from the soil and if crops will grow in the region again.

a.- Which physical property of the crude oil allowed it to be easily cleaned uo from the water reservoir?
.b.- Why is the earthquake in the article considered to be a natural disaster?
c.-Calculate the percent deviation of the first estimate of the amount of crude oil in the reservoir compared to the actual amount. Including writing the equation,substituting values,and indicating the answer.
d.-What was the rate of the crude oil recovery from the soil in gallons per day for two week period described in the article? Show the work.
e.- Explain why the crude oil in the soil would be considered pollution.Be sure to use the term concentration in the answer.

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The Bubonic Plague of the mid-fourteenth century was the most devastating natural disaster in European History. We now konw that this plague was caused by rats that were infected by bacteria-carrying fleas. The rats carried the disease as they were unknowingly transported with cargo ships through trade routes. A third of the entire population of Europe is thought to have been killed by this plague. What caused the Bubonic Plague?

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and how would you prepare for it or respond to a natural disaster?

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I was just wondering what to be prepared for a natural disaster what would you need in your survival kit?

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in the IPCC WG II report, Chapter 7, supplementary material?

Is it more appropriate to link rise in natural disaster spending to coastal population trends?

Why does the graph they do include only look at a limited number of years from 1970 to 2005?

@ dana1981

So you DO think its appropriate for a panel that is commissioned to study climate change to link the cost of a supossedly GLOBAL trend in temperature rise to US spending on Natural disasters over a cherry picked time period?

Do you honestly think you can show a credible scientific link that shows that a rise in GLOBAL temperatures are responsible for US spending on disasters?

Don’t you see the poor science behind this graph?

Doesn’t it bother you that a panel that is supposed to review scientific literature and report on the truth would make such an obvious agenda driven graph?

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Think about it before answering. It could be anything from a major mal-funtion of our power grids to nationwide contaminated food. It could be another terrorist attack or severe gas shortages. Are you confident America is ready for it miltarily and financially? Have you ever survived a natural disaster? Me I survived Hugo. It wasn’t the worst but it was hard. No power, gas, or groceries for about 3 weeks. Are you ready?

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Please examine the evidence. What do you think about it? Is it possible?

Nobody here knows whether the earthquake in Haiti was a natural disaster or a technological attack.

If you just assume it was a natural disaster, you are probably not current with what technology is capable of, or you are naively thinking human goodness or the rule of law precludes the actual use of such technology.

I compiled some of my favorite links from the net regarding the possibility that Haiti was caused by HAARP, for the purpose of ushering in a US military occupation, to allow for the the plunder of Haiti’s ample resources by corporations whose dirty work is routinely carried out by our military.

Rather sinister but not unlike what’s happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Africa, and basically all over the world.

Consider the picture that emerges from this collection of articles and videos:

Haiti: Bonanza for Foreign Mining Companies

US Secretary of Defense admits technology exists for causing earthquakes, 1997:
"Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (He is talking about HAARP)

Swiss company in trouble for causing earthquakes. (I include this just for skeptics who don’t think human technology can cause earthquakes):

Japanese finance minister says US threatened Japan with earthquakes, evidence of HAARP causing Chinese earthquake:

Chavez accuses US of causing Haiti earthquake:

Royal Navy fleet leaves Haiti shortly before the earthquake:
"Naval sources told The Times that the unpublicised cut marked the first time that the Royal Navy has had a significant gap in cover in the Caribbean since the 17th century."

A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake

Why is the US Military Occupying Four Airports in Haiti?

Excellent lecture on HAARP and its capabilities by Dr. Nick Begich

Jesse Ventura did an impressive job with this, interviews key figures and lays out logical arguments:

We’ll see where this is headed, we’ll see whether youtube videos emerge of colored HAARP-type clouds over Haiti before the earthquake, we’ll see who is getting rich from Haiti’s resources…it certainly won’t be the Haitians.

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