Gas prices have fallen sharply in the past MONTH and a half.

Despite the fact gas prices are based on supply and demand , demand has only risen while supplies have been mildly harmed by BP’s pipeline problems and problems withint he infrastructure dating back to Hurricane Katrina.

Many of us aren’t fools though. WE KNOW THAT GAS PRICES ARE DROPPING BECAUSE THIS IS ELECTION YEAR (less than 2 months away).

My question is, how many people are going to let falling gas prices SWAY their vote?

America has been using the national debt and astronomical military spending to subsidize the true cost of fuel. This is not an opinion, this is an accepted fact among political researchers. You can bother to investigate it yourself.

JUST KNOW, AFTER NOVEMBER, GAS PRICES ARE RIGHT BACK UP TO .25 - I’m willing to bet money on that.

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My family and friends have been hit hard because of the 2010 baja california earthquake. The magnitude was greater than the Haiti earthquake. Although the death toll doesnt compare at all, the damage done is unbelievable. Most of my family members live in Ejido Oaxaca, Mexico, which was right next to the Epicenter. I want to setup a website so people can donate money which can be helpful for Food and water. We have had a couple of phone calls to them and they said that the gallon of water has sky rocketed in the local markets to 60 pesos which is about 6 dollars. People dont have this kind of money so they need our help…

so far i have created this blog.

but now how do i make it so that people can see it and make a donation?..

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Many of our country’s "enemies" have offered help to us in wake of tragic events; most of their offers refused.

In Hurricane Katrina, Cuba was one of the first nations to respond and offered to send doctors, tons of medicinal supplies, and money. The US Government declined and told Cuba "no". Now say what you want about political differences but if help is offered immiediately it really doesn’t matter who it is coming from and you are declining the supplies offered to the people who need it.

Also in Hurricane Katrina assistance from France was at first rejected but we later on accepted their aid.

On 9/11 Mayor Guiliani would not accept a 1 million dollar donation from Saudi Arabia.

How do you feel about our government declining the aid of our "enemies". I use "enemies" in quotes because I don’t regard Cuba and France as threats to us. It is a way to mend relations with our nations; to work together in wake of tragedies. A step towards making progress during these wars.

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Why should they get money for flood and disaster relief? Where are the: "Don’t let the feds get involved in the states people, ranting and raving, here on this site, then protesting and waving signs in Washington now."?
Hmmm, just wondering?

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looking to create mass donor base, to provide funds to offer needed money for kids to attend college/university, also provide general social benefits for small disaster relief (ie-housefire w/need to replace personal items such as clothing, commodities like food), xmas gifts for needy families with kids, etc

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I am currently in high school in PA (last place to be if your love the beach) and I’m going to college in North Carolina, because we also have another house down there and I can establish a residency and go for a cheaper price.
Now I’ve always dreamed about living in southern CA. Please dont lecture me about wildfires and earthquakes and insane prices of living, Im too young to go that far.
I want to work somewhere in fashion, either be a designer for a fashion merchandiser or work for a fashion magazine… I started a little jewelry business I have a website and business cards and everything… and that’s pretty impressive for a 15-year-old. so maybe I could work off making that grow into something really big
I know for a fact that I can’t just jump off the college band wagon and achieve this so no lectures about that either
Photography is my fallback, I could take pictures of the beach, or I could STILL work in fashion as a photographer-it comes naturally to me …

The whole point is that I WANT to live in CA … so as long as I’m working with fashion I want to know what oppertunities there are THERE … I just want to know if its possible … I plan AHEAD so I don’t just wanna spend all this money to go across the country and screw myself over.
I dont have a choice but to go to college in NC

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Is it is sort of a test for the candidates to see how they would handle a national disaster? Also if Obama does more than Mccain could it influence your votes? No Obama bashing.

I expect Mccain will give a speech about it but I expect Obama to donate money to help rebuild whats lost and possibly come down with Biden and they both personally help giving out supplies and etc. At least I would. It would really throw away the stupid elitist theory that republicans use. Half of american didn’t know what an elitist was until someone on tv said it. Again no Mccain or Obama bashing on here. Give me intelligent answers

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Is it OK to spread the wealth for said residents of tornado ravaged trailer park?
What if they had no insurance maybe they were too lazy to buy it or maybe they used the money on NASCAR and six packs. Is this the same as spreading the wealth? Does FEMA print their own money or does it come from the taxpayers?

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As you may or may not have heard, a devastating 8.8 earthquake struck Chile earlier this evening, and our USGS Immediately issued warnings in Chile and the surrounding regions about the likelihood of a tsunami.

Much like Haiti, you can be sure that Chile will require an outpouring of international help to rebuild from this catastrophe. My question is, where should that help come from? Should it continue to come from the United States, given how many other resource draining situations we are already involved in? Should we provide intelligence and effort coordination, helping other aid and what not get where it needs to go, or should we do something like send money and food and stay the Hell out of the way?

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A few days after the big quake in Chile, people are starting to loot. They have not eaten for days. Banks are closed and couldn’t operate even if they were open, so there is no money available to buy things. If people are starving, is it permitted to just take the things you need to survive? Does the law allow that, or are you just supposed to go off and die? Is there any provision in the law for allowing people to do what they must to survive a disaster, or are we required to meekly starve to death?

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