I want to help people … disaster relief or counsel. I wouldn’t expect money but maybe food and board. Are there any companies, ministries, organizations I can do that with? I am 35 year old office worker and most programs appear to be for young people.

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I was in Hurricane Ike and had to use all my rent money for supplies to survive on things such as "water, gas, propane, candles, food,and what Notus for my family. my rent was due the 15 now he is throwing me out can he legally do this??????? Please help..

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Lets say that the government were to supply money to a Christian faith based relief effort to help victoms of a massive earth quake or hurricane. Wouldn’t that also require them to cough up money to Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and even Sihk organizations? It seems like they would also need to supply money to atheist organizations for atheist billboards or bus ads.

Do you hold this same view?

It seems like a bunch of conservatives in the states want to pour money to churches to get votes from conservative Christians.

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When they have enough money.

After the 1971 Symore quake destroyed the Veterans Hospital. In the mid 90s a law requiring hospital to earthquake proof by 2008, but two years after the deadline hospitals are still operating facilities deemed unsafe by the state of california. CBS 2 and KCAL 9 looked into the matter and found that they have enough money to earthquake proof their facilities. I was in St. Joseph’s Hospital Of Orange County, California last month and recently found out that it is unsafe. How scared would you be if you found out that they hospital you were in was consider unsave by the state. St. Joseph’s Hospital Of Orange County, California is suppost to be a Catholic organization. If they say they are following Jesus Christ them they should make patient safety a priority right? I’m a christian though
Marysia, the news look into they’re financial records and found out that they have enough money to earthquake proof their buildings.

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I live in Florida and we are supposed to be getting ready for a bad hurricane season. We usually get everything we need, but are on a tight budget this year. I’m sure we will manage to get whatever we need, little by little, but it got me to thinking……What about the people who just don’t have the money? Have you ever seen the supply list?
Are all of you ready if a hurricane or any other major storm hits your area?

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Hi, I want to work in Tennessee or Louisiana for disaster relief. I was wondering what I would have to do to be a volunteer there. Do they just supply me with money for shelter and thats it? How hard is it to get accepted if you have no previous volunteer work. Any other things you want to add I would greatly appreciate.
I want to go to Tennessee or Louisiana in August from the 1st of the month to maybe the 15th or something, is that possible? What say do I have in that?

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I live in Canada and am greatly troubled by the disaster in Haiti. However, I learned after donating to the 9/11 funds that most of the money never reaches the people and services that need it. Does anyone know of a charity that is not corrupt and that will ensure my money goes to the right places? Thanks!

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Our "friend", proclaimed handyman, really got us for home improvements costs. During his work, he asked for ,500. which (duh) I gave him by check written out "cash" w/comments on the bottom "home improvement." I paid for all supplies. Long story short, 75% of work is not finished. He tried to put a sprinkler system in our yard, but had no clue. Our screens on back porch are now in place, but he never finished cutting them properly. We live in FL & Hurricane Katrina did a bit of damage. We paid for a pressure cleaner which he used 1st for his own home & charged us for the rental & /hr. to shoot a bit around our home. Twice he used a snake to unclog, but Draino works. He presented me w/a bill & I could not read it. All scribbles, but thinking he was a good friend of my husband, I wrote him a ,500 check. Later we argued about the unfinished work & I fired him. Can I get any money back? Would appreciate any advice or experiences. TY — Patti H

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My family and friends have been hit hard because of the 2010 baja california earthquake. The magnitude was greater than the Haiti earthquake. Although the death toll doesnt compare at all, the damage done is unbelievable. Most of my family members live in Ejido Oaxaca, Mexico, which was right next to the Epicenter. I want to setup a website so people can donate money which can be helpful for Food and water. We have had a couple of phone calls to them and they said that the gallon of water has sky rocketed in the local markets to 60 pesos which is about 6 dollars. People dont have this kind of money so they need our help…

so far i have created this blog.


but now how do i make it so that people can see it and make a donation?..

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When I try and get information about the Iceland Volcano all the news stations here in America can talk about is money lost in the airlines or with the flower industry, why is it all about money are we that shallow? Why isn’t anyone reporting on how the ppl of Iceland are going to be able to recover or about how the 2nd Volcano is showing signs of erupting also? I’m seeing news articles from other news sources outside the US that paint a diffrent picture. When the earthquake in Haiti happen America broadcast it all day long. Tons of charities set out to help them. But a Volcano is more serious why don’t new media tell more??

Eager to learn More!!

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