After a widely reported earthquake in California, many people call their insurance company to apply for earthquake insurance. Might this reaction reflect some deviation from rationality? Discuss.

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Just curious if atheist carry insurance like flood or earth quake -since these are considered an act of God. If they do how to they justify making these purchases?

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• Only 2 percent of the federal government’s hurricane-related funding went toward education recovery.

• The costs of hurricane destruction in K-12 and higher education were estimated at .2 billion, but only .2 billion in federal funding had been committed to restoring physical structures and property. Some rebuilding funds have come from the local and state levels and insurance, but several projects are unfinished.

• Displaced students re-enrolled in schools in 49 states, but a lack of adequate federal funding meant that schools with the greatest number of displaced students had insufficient classrooms, staff and supplies to support them. The report found that as many as 15,000 K-12 public school students and 35,000 college students in Louisiana and Mississippi missed school last year due to lingering problems associated with Katrina.

• Nearly one out of every six students in Louisiana’s public colleges and universities dropped out for the 2005-06 school year. In the 2006-07 school year, more than 26,000 students from Louisiana public colleges and almost 9,000 Mississippi college students remained out of school.

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I live in the northeast. A couple of weeks ago we had one of those "once in a hundred years" rain storms that seem to happen every ten years around here.

I live a couple miles from the ocean in an area that eons ago was actually in the ocean. About five feet down the soil ends and marine clay begins. Rainwater does not permeate marine clay. The result of the recent colossal storm was that almost everybody in my area experienced flooded basements, me included.

Luckily, I had all my mechanicals on cement pads just high enough to avoid being ruined, but I lost a lot of tools (I’m a contractor) that I’ve had for years, and the kids playroom. There is no way I can produce receipts for the tools. To replace them all at once, I estimate it would cost about 12K, I could rebuild a very nice playroom for less than k

I’ve never taken a dime from the government but FEMA sent me a letter, through my insurance carrier, telling me that I qualify for relief.

Anybody have any experience with this? Worth it or were you bogged down in red tape?

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So I am really worried, I mean I know I was going to face at least one or more in my life I never experienced one, I just wish it was not now, I mean what if my house collapses, we have insurance but IDK, and I had so much planned this year and this earthquake could ruin, and I know that no one knows when they are going to happen, but Overall will an earthquake happen? When? And how big might it be?

***Please no rude answers***

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Is it OK to spread the wealth for said residents of tornado ravaged trailer park?
What if they had no insurance maybe they were too lazy to buy it or maybe they used the money on NASCAR and six packs. Is this the same as spreading the wealth? Does FEMA print their own money or does it come from the taxpayers?

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I am curious how buildings in California would withstand the same earthquake. The buildings here were built with stronger materials according to a building code, but the Northridge quake did some damage and knocked a layer of freeway down. The Northridge quake wasn’t nearly as strong as Chile’s.
The California state insurance program would like to collect 0.00 for an earthquake insurance plan. They must be thinking something big right?
The California state insurance program would like to collect 0.00 for an earthquake insurance plan. They must be thinking something big right?

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With Gobal Warming and all! Do you think it’s important that I have Earthquake Insurance on my house? Crazy things have been happening and I just want to know I’m covered if a Massive Earthquake HIT California and damaged my house. I’d like to know HOW many Homeowners living in California have Earthquake coverage and what you would pay? I just got a quote that seems pretty good. 4.00 a year for coverage. Sounds pretty good huh? That’s only about .33 dollars a month. Let me know what you think.
My house isn’t worth 1 million dollars. You aren’t dealing with a Millionaire. I wish I had millions in the BANK. That would be the LIFE. I wanted to get my house covered in CASE; just in case. You never know!

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As soon as i heard about all the cash obama is sending to haiti i nearly spit my drink.. its bull.. their already pretty much dead on their own crime / drug / gheto way of life and here he is, sending much needed troops and cash to help them..

now theirs fund raisers and nothing but nasty pictures of people in the earthquake… its retarded how we can fund raise so much money in this supposed "2nd depression" to help these unproductive ignored people in the world.. i feel bad for the troops having to get their hands dirty again for something they shouldnt be doing.

nah lets help them cause they have always helped america right? who cares of many of us are jobless and poor (and legal.. damn mexicans)… who cares if i cant get health insurance or a loan to get into school.. lets go help them poor blacks keep living so they can continue being nothing to the world
and if the same shit happened to america, i wouldnt expect a damn thing from the world.. except for canada.. cause without us, canada would become the new mexico like america

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