I’m looking for a place where I can find inexpensive accessories for my wedding. Things such as hurricanes for candels, tiaras, long white gloves. Does any know of any place? I’ve been lookin at Orientaltrading.com but I need something different but along those lines. thanks

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I saw a study today that said the bees are mysteriously vanishing and that this is a major threat to the world’s food supply. https://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/honeybee_die_off

Since Global Warming, Hurricanes, and Terrorism have all been laid at his feet, how long before dying bees is added to the list of his sins?

Ignorant answers encouraged.

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I’m trying to think of all the reasons Miami is better than L.A.
Well it has no earthquakes…at least you have a chance to escape hurricanes
earthquakes just sneak up on you like rape.
I watched the pictures of the 1994 or something L.A. earthquake and it looks like
a horrible way to die.
It’s smaller and it’s a real city…it’s not just a bunch of cities stuck together.
The beaches are better..warmer water and white sand.
Also there is no hills and mountains everywhere.
The air quality is better too.

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There are zones where natural disasters such as flooding/tornados/hurricanes/and wildfires can be easily expected!
Is it anyone else’s responsibility to "help" rebuild or the people who have chosen to live there?

I am proud that most citizens are willing to give when called upon to do so….but would it lessen the burden if we stopped populating areas of the country where natural disasters are prevelant?

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Why does a hurricane rarely sustain the windspeeds it sustained over water, even a few miles inland? What happens to such winds as the move from being over the ocean, to over land. [Hint: We haven’t gotten to hurricanes yet; we’re not talking about effects of the storm weakening] Why might the winds be more difficult to stand in just a few blocks inland, compared to the beach?

This is a question in my meterology class. Can you help? A source would be nice.

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That is, have any of these monsters survived as hurricanes and continued on westwards after crossing land? I suppose while over land, they would probably be downgraded to a tropical storm, but has any of them become a hurricane again on the other side?

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Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, earthquakes or any other….which one is the worst?

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Several fires were burning untended across Houston and 911 operators received about 1,250 calls in 24 hours, said Frank Michel, spokesman for Houston Mayor Bill White.

I don’t get it. I really don’t. Houston and Galveston residents were repeatedly told about the dangers of Hurricane Ike, and still some choose to stay?! ( o _ 0 ) I’m not trying to sound mean. I’ve been through super typhoons, hurricanes, and earth quakes.

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What has the potential of producing a tornado with little or no advanced tornado warning?
A. Severe thunderstorms
B. Hurricanes
C. Earthquakes
D. Floods

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With all the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and floods going on around the world as of late is this just the buildup to 2012? Is it the beginning of the apocalypse?

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