I need detailed answers and citations. The answers must be internationally based. I will be picking a best answer.
How do hurricanes affect the suppliers?
How do hurricanes affect the distributors?
How do hurricanes affect the consumers?
How do hurricanes change supply and demand?
What ways can companies benefit from these natural disasters?
What companies are already implementing strategies to benefit and help provide disaster relief?
How do hurricanes affect the shipping routes?
I have been researching this, and found other sources were needed.

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Hurricanes are usually destructive in some way or another. But, what would be the impact if we did not have hurricanes and ultimately the increased water supply driven into the land they cross? Would this ultimately create drought conditions in areas that might actually depend on the hurricanes increasing the local water table? Are we dependent on the water the hurricanes can produce? Could we, and the areas affected by hurricane activity, survive without them? Your thoughts, please. Thanks.

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my parents are up and down but im not sure anymore i dont wanna work to pack up my yard and set up my basement for a "sleepover" if we arent gonna get anything we already spent hundreds in supplies (food, a generater, and a chainsaw idk y a chainsaw) so will it hit if so what time and day, what catagory will suffolk get wind and rain and thuder? i kinda want it to ome but my dad made us pack cuz "hurricanes cause tornados then get in the basement" so now i got a bag of m fave stuff in the basement with the generator beds, tv and a fridge filled with 100s in food

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A. latitude.
B. longitude.
C. volcanoes.
D. hurricanes.

6. Geographers discuss five broad types of climates: tropical, dry, temperate marine, temperate continental, and
A. rain forest
B. polar.
C. desert.
D. ocean.

7. Demographers are able to figure out population growth by comparing
A. life expectancies.
B. diseases
C. birthrates and death rates.
D. food supplies around the world.


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I’m planning a trip to the DR in September.

I checked the National Hurricane Center website to see if they predict any Hurricanes for September, but all it says is this season will be an "Active Atlantic Hurricane Season." It doesn’t give any specific dates.

So I’m wondering how far in advance can they predict a hurricane?

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Is anybody worried about this years hurricane season? Possibly up to 23 hurricanes? It worrys me because it gives the whole gulf coast a greater risk of getting hit by a hurricane. It’s crazy. Ive been thinking about buying hurricane supplies now to be better prepared. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I wasen’t prepared for Gustav at all and wasent too worried as it was a landfalling category 2. It ended up being the worst storm to ever hit Baton Rouge and I lost most of my roof in that storm, Along with my bathroom window and the pine trees in my yard. Should I start preparing now for possible storms this year? What are yall doing?

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Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes. Can they ever damage to a nuclear power plant, causing a radiation leak, or worse? Maybe this needs to be asked by our government, in light of the oil leak in the gulf.. We need to investigate and prepare for ANY potential disaster.

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how strong a tornado has to be to become a tropical named storm and start deep convection? when does it get an eye? how deep is the mesocyclon?

when it gets to water, it becomes a water sprout, but when they start to issue hurricane warnings, how string has the water sprout to be to develop an eye and become a named storm

conversely, what processes cause hurricane to degenerate into simple single mesocyclonic tornado when they touch land

do hurricanes retain their names once they become a simple tornado and become extratropical

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I have lived in New Orleans for 7 months. Obviously there is not a huge supply of used furniture, household goods, etc., in the city due to the extensive damage from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. With that said, does anyone know of any good used stores, still up and running, or newly opened in the area? I am looking for great old furniture, pottery, etc.. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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I have a project and I must include the following:
-natural disasters
*mud slides
*wild fires
*and so forth

I must have a good bit of natural disasters.. I also have to have as much detail as possible.
Detail must include: the event its self, and the impact on the land and people.

I also need pictures. As much as possible.

I have to give a 3-5 minutes presentation, so details are nice.
Not tooo many but you get my point.
If you can give me websites too that would be great!
I also need this before the end of the day… cause I have to finish putting this on notecards and a poster and practice talking about it by the end of the day… so yeah.
thank you but i still need more than just floods…
maybe avolanch?
i cant spell but yeah..

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