I was in Hurricane Ike and had to use all my rent money for supplies to survive on things such as "water, gas, propane, candles, food,and what Notus for my family. my rent was due the 15 now he is throwing me out can he legally do this??????? Please help..

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What does the high and low pressure have to do to start a hurricane?

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Could the hurricane pick up oil and spread it onto land?

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I live in south texas and there’s a hurricane coming.
My dad doesn’t want the dog inside our house and I want to protect him from the hurricane.
What should I do?
Do animal shelters allow us to leave them there for some time until the hurricane leaves or what can I do?

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How come Mexico is not making any offers of help or sending any aid to Haiti but they did to Texas when it was their people any reason why no help to the country of Haiti? In Texas Mexico sent food, water,medical dr’s, nurses, medical supplies, clothes, after the hurricane hit Texas and the areas had a high population of illegals but so far Mexico has not made any public offers to help out that country, Mexico has enough money to help out ? One drug cartel suitcase full of money would help out Haiti, would Mexico make a sincere effort to help out if their people were over there ?

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Does it increase the intensity of the hurricane? I have also heard that if lightening would strike the oil in the water, that it could cause a fire on top of the oil? Any truth to this or is this just a rumor? Just curious. I live on the Gulf and I have heard various rumors of what could happen if we were to have a hurricane.

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Lets say that the government were to supply money to a Christian faith based relief effort to help victoms of a massive earth quake or hurricane. Wouldn’t that also require them to cough up money to Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and even Sihk organizations? It seems like they would also need to supply money to atheist organizations for atheist billboards or bus ads.

Do you hold this same view?

It seems like a bunch of conservatives in the states want to pour money to churches to get votes from conservative Christians.

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I live in Denver, so I have no idea but I’ve always been curious. Call me crazy but I’ve kind of always wanted to be in a hurricane haha 😀
wow, great answers from everyone. Thanks!

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Dust from the Sahara frequently crosses the Atlantic and wreaks havoc with the quality of air in the Caribbean. However, I don’t remember any hurricane meeting a large mass of Saharan dust. What do you think would happen?

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Oil covered farmland, hospitals, water reservoirs, power generating stations. Is a response being prepared to clean people covered by Hurricane deposited oil?
If I lived in a hurricane effected are I would be making a few phone calls and sending emails.
Nathan F
I sure hope you are right. Thanks for responding with a positive viewpoint.

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