I know we live in a mostly cashless society, but if there’s another Hurricane Katrina, or something even worse, and the banks and ATM’s aren’t available for days or even weeks, do you have enough cash stashed away at home to make it through for a few weeks? And, as for credit cards, what if businesses are unable to take them for the first few days during and after a major catastrophe…do you have enough cash?

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Many of our country’s "enemies" have offered help to us in wake of tragic events; most of their offers refused.

In Hurricane Katrina, Cuba was one of the first nations to respond and offered to send doctors, tons of medicinal supplies, and money. The US Government declined and told Cuba "no". Now say what you want about political differences but if help is offered immiediately it really doesn’t matter who it is coming from and you are declining the supplies offered to the people who need it.

Also in Hurricane Katrina assistance from France was at first rejected but we later on accepted their aid.

On 9/11 Mayor Guiliani would not accept a 1 million dollar donation from Saudi Arabia.

How do you feel about our government declining the aid of our "enemies". I use "enemies" in quotes because I don’t regard Cuba and France as threats to us. It is a way to mend relations with our nations; to work together in wake of tragedies. A step towards making progress during these wars.

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Why aren’t our political leaders speaking out about this potential problem !

A blockade of the Strait of Hormuz could cause a hurricane Katrina in every major U.S. city and yet our so called political leaders aren’t talking about this potentially deadly problem.

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Sadly, the selfless heroism of New York’s Police and Firemen manifested on 9-11 appears to not be the “norm”. The public is becoming aware that our family’s, communities and our own health and safety rests in our own hands.
Columbine High School on April 20, 1999: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murderous rampage began at 11 am, and they committed suicide an hour later at 12:08 pm — Police protocols had teams reaching the first victims 4 hours after the first shots had been fired or about 3 pm – victims who would die in the extra half hour it would take before those same police protocols allowed paramedics clearance to respond.
Hurricane Katrina: Officials tasked the National Guard to duties other than providing needed survival supplies and the Red Cross and Salvation Army were denied entrance as evacuation protocals didn’t want any food, water and sanitary supplies getting into the Superdome or Convention Center. It was and is up to the public to supply our own protection and aid.

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I know during hurricane katrina the national guard was sent in to distribute supplies to people, helping the police in restoring order, and knocking door by door to evacuate people, all while carrying a machine gun on their backs. Im in highshool and would like to join the gaurd and I would like a job like that. What kind of job in the Guard lets you work with people, distribute needed supplies, enforce the law, help in natural disasters or terrorist attacks? Answers are appreciated

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His delay is no different than GW’s delay over the hurricane Katrina’s rescue relief, but no one dare criticize 0bama! Could he have sought more help out of the private sector to fill in the time gap?
Sheesh! yes you certainly are ollie!

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There’s a program @ my university where they give a MEMORIAL Loan to students who are in financial need & are receiving financial aid, & the money is deducted from my refund checks. But they told me that if I am in DIRE need, I have to write them a letter of being in extenuating circumstances, so I can get the money earlier. I’m on a fixed income, my electricity bill is high because I had to pay a deposit on it, & I’m low on food & clothing, & I need books & school supplies. & this type of loan is NOT credit-based. My financial credit is poor as a result of Hurricane Katrina (long story) but I became in debt, trying to replace my necessities.

I only have 3 towels & washcloths left. I didn’t realize my brother was stealing my stuff when I was living with him. Now I have my own apartment.
I’m asking in the ETIQUETTE section since this has to do with trying to persuade politely & properly & not rudely.

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This website is supposed to be all about predicting events that will happen in the future. It supposedly predicted the events on Sept.11th and Hurricane Katrina and few others that have come true.

The latest prediction is that there will be global devestation in late Dec.2012. Here is part of the article :

Throughout its short existence, the Web Bot has accurately predicted many other natural and man made disasters such as the 2001 anthrax attack on Washington DC, the East Coast power outage in 2003 and the earthquake which lead to the December 26 2004 tsunami. It is even credited with predicting hurricane Katrina and the devastating events that followed. In addition, the Web Bot has foretold of a global devastating event expected to take place in late December 2012.

Is anyone familiar with this site and what do you think of the 2012 prediction?? That really has me freaked out thinking the world may come to an end then. Should I not believe it or is there some truth to it?

A friend of mine told about this WebSite…I had no idea of this whole 2012 thing before she mentioned it. And I also have no idea who Art Bell is.

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in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Are the U.S. news still racist even in 2006?

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As if some kind of radiated pulse or modifier is aimed at water supply near storm to increase the storm development in a certain area.

I have noticed this and have copied several instances to my hard drive. Whenever I have seen these patterns – these storms became major disasters.

Could our Government have some kind of Weather Modification satellite in space? You know, some kind of microwave pulse or beam directed at nearby water supplies to warm up the water and creat more moisture/power in the storm.

I saw this during hurricane Katrina – A major glitch flashing right across the Infrared weather screen right befor ethe storm intensified.

And it is only visible on the Infrared screen

Just throwing this out there.
Peter D

You seem to think you know me. I don’t show my questions or answer so you are either watching what I do or you have nothing to do all day and look at every post on every board.

The World is not what it appears to be from an average citizens point of view.

The fact that I connect on all these issues is nothing more than a way to help people wake up.

The World doesn’t belong to man and my life doesn’t belong to my Government.

Freedom of Speech

I may ask what I want, where I want and when I want.

Get a life

I can show you the screen grabs if you would like of Hurricane Katrina spiking on the infrared.


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