I’d like to go down there to lend a hand, but would I be one of thousands and thousands of volunteers wandering about without something to do? Or should I organize a donation drive to send "hurricane" supplies? But to whom should I send it to? Maybe the donation to the Red Cross IS the best idea after all. Phooey. There has GOT to be something I can do!

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The hurricane is going to hit us today at 2
We still didnt go shopping. We did go yesterday but everything was sold out at every store.
So now my older brother went to the store to get all the things we need and he told me text him all the requirements.
Can you guys please tell us what we need so that we can be prepared?
Best answer gets 10 points c;

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By natural disaster I don’t just mean a hurricane or volcano..ect I mean a specific natural disaster that happened. Also by report I mean an information text.

I already thought of Haiti and the tsunami of japan, any others?

Thanks for the help!

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What was the name of the hurricane?
To make this question easier to find online, I’m noting for a search engine to find: Another form of this question is: What is the furthest north a hurricane has gone?

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destination of the cruise Ex: a cruise ship scheduled to leave Baltimore this past Saturday heading to Bermuda where a hurricane is in progress at this time. Is the trip cancelled, diverted to another destination or does it cruise on as scheduled ?

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Could the Philadelphia area sustain a cat 3
hurricane? Has it ever happened before? What
are the chances of that happening?

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* 1. Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
Which of the following hazards have you experienced?
About at what intensity did the disaster occur?
Very low
very high
* 4.
Did you have access to the internet following the event
As the event passed, did you feel that adequate updates about the hazard were
provided to affected citizens?
* 6.
Following the event, did you feel coherent enough that you would be able to
communicate in detail about your surroundings?
* 7.
Have you ever contributed Geospatial Information about a hazard or extreme event
online? (Through Google Earth, USGS website, Weather channel, etc..)
* 8.
Do you have any experience using a GPS system?
* 9.
Do you feel that your community has an adequate emergency response system in
place for the onset of natural disasters?
Do you feel that GIS and Remote Sensing is a very appropriate way of coping with a
natural disaster before, during and after the onset of a natural hazard

What state are you located in?

Thank you for your contribution

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I live in Kensington, Maryland and am really nervous about the hurricane. I don’t live near the beach but will it still be life threatening. It’s level 4.

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So I live in South FL and have 2 tanks (a 10gallon and a 65gallon) very happy and well set up. But I had never thought about how to protect them in case of a hurricane. When a hurricane threatens, I usually go up north with my cat and my bird, but what do I do with the fishies? Also, the power goes out in my area, every time a hurricane comes, so the filter wouldn’t be working for at least two days until I can come back and connect it to a generator. Any ideas, I’m kinda clueless here. Thanks

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Say that an hurricane hit your town and your survive it with only 7 strangers each with a different profession. Your supplies are weeks worth of food, some hardware tools, an entire suburb town full of dabre, a canal, and some medical supply how can you survive in this environment? With no electricity, soap, clean clothes, government, and some hostile people that can come and get your supplies.

How can you survive it?

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