My 15 year old cousin is the typical stubborn type of girl you see on the Maury show on Saturdays , she refuses to listen to anyone and on top of that she hangs out with these ghetto thug gang banging wannabes who talk her in the doing pretty much anything.
Today she came in my room pleading for help ,telling me that she was pregnant and needed money for some type of abortion pill, I’m completely fed up with this crap because I’m 19 and I’m already working 24/7 because of this economy , and the last thing my parents need is some hard headed teen in the house , and trust me she will do this again she’s not even in high school yet so this is only the beginning. How do we go about sending her somewhere? We’ve tried the police before and they were no help at all they only offer 30 day programs at juvenile centers then your child comes back ten times worse ,we’ve sent her to one of these 30 day programs before only to find out she was escaping out from the windows and through a drug test found out she was sniffing coke with one of her friends out on the streets in Miami , She was sent to haiti to live with a relative and of course a couple months later the earthquake hit ,and boarding schools are up to 4,000 a month when my mom can barely pay for the mortgage..
You would think in this economy things wouldn’t be so expensive

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Obviously not your opinion on the actual floods - i don’t think anybody can disagree that it was a horrible tragedy for many innocent people.

No, I mean more about how the other nations have reacted. One thing I have noticed is that, while more people have been affected (not killed, affected) than the Haiti earthquake, it has received less coverage. Where is Pakistan’s charity single?

I ask this because I am writing a guest post on a friends blog about the recent disaster. I’m interested in other people’s opinion.

So, why do you think that Pakistan has received less coverage than other disasters?

I, like many people, believe that it has its roots in racism. Whilst many people have not been brave enough to mention this factor, I think it is there. Where I come from, anybody with brown skin is automatically labelled a ‘Paki’ - even if they are Indian, nobody cares enough to differentiate. (I am a British White Male, by the way).

I was speaking to somebody the other day about this, and his reply actually shocked me. He said ‘Well, its not like we’re going to run out of them, is it?’.

I also read about a group with terrorist (al-Qaeda) connections, giving out aid in the poorest regions, do you believe this will spur terrorism on? I personally believe that in five, ten years, the young children of rural Pakistan are going to remember who it was that helped them when they needed it the most.

So, what do YOU personally believe, what are YOUR thoughts on the whole situation?

And finally, do you think the world is falling apart?
@Harley Drive - interesting! Although, they could have double that population, it wouldn’t matter. The rural population are poor, and their crops have been destroyed. Many areas of Pakistan are unreachable due to the floods now, so its very difficult for the government to help. Nice answer though, to the point. Thanks!

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It seems like this year has been pretty active, because I’ve seen lots of earthquake reports on the news, like Chilie Haiti, i think turkey, California, etc. I never really heard a lot about earthquake reports last year, so i was wondering if this year is more active than other years, or is this normal?

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Tell me what you think of the impact that a natural disaster has on society (families,businesses,friends).
What do you think about the U.S. helping out Haiti?
Should other countries help out?

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Is the world coming to an end?
i have noticed that since year 2000, a lot of natural disasters have been occuring and seem to be intensifying as we draw even closer to 2012, i mean just this year alone we have had the earth quake in haiti, the earth quake in chile and the earth quake in turkey, the earthquake in indonesia, not to talk about the massive flood in portugal and the latest earthquake in china. is it just me or does it seem that the closer we get to 2012 the mayan end of the world the worse globally things seem to become. i am starting to think that all of these are signs and that on december 21 2012, that something will go wrong with the hadron collider in 2012 and BANG!, THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN AND BYE BYE WORLD WITH A BANG. just interested what are ur thoughts

pls ans;_ylt=AibU0kkCR4PuTvismLFWN.Hsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100611033733AAozENv p

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When the earthquake happened in Haiti I traveled there. And did volunteer work, mainly with injured people and in hospitals.
I have some pictures, about a lot of injured people, about a baby being born about bodies in the street, piles of bodies, destruction of homes, etc…. Basically everything that happened there. I h not held back from publishing them and showing them to family and friends in consideration of the people who died.

But tv and the newspaper have showed everything.

Do you think it is ok if I post them let’s say on my facebook.

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I understand why so many people die in the Haiti earthquake but why were they so many few deaths compared to Haiti in the Loma Prieta earthquake which also was a similar magnitude (6.9)? What made the Loma Prieta earthquake kill only around 100 people? Was it the buildings, roads, speed of rescue? Any answers would be great.
Thank you very much, building standards. Great, thank you. More answers are welcome, the more the better.

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This country has been in a state of virtual collapse since the Duvalier regime and people are only paying attention to the poverty and suffering now…

is this just a publicity stunt for many countries around the world? this smells fishy, as Haiti has been needing rebuilding for quite a while, and that we only offer it now after so many Haitians have died…is preposterous.

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so has the Haiti earthquake finally triggered yellowstone?
Will san francisco finally get their overdue earthquake is yellowstone erupts???

Or is it all just building up for a calamity in 2012 XP

MAP 2.5 2010/01/18 02:44:16 44.569 -111.011 14.8 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
MAP 2.7 2010/01/18 02:38:02 44.561 -110.973 9.8 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
MAP 3.0 2010/01/18 02:30:17 32.109 -115.398 11.2 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
MAP 2.6 2010/01/18 01:04:25 44.562 -110.972 9.0 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
MAP 5.8 2010/01/18 01:02:22 46.517 153.239 39.7 KURIL ISLANDS
MAP 2.7 2010/01/18 00:02:57 44.563 -110.970 11.3 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
y/m/d h:m:s LAT
deg LON
km Region
MAP 4.8 2010/01/17 23:19:53 55.245 165.174 49.9 KOMANDORSKIYE OSTROVA, RUSSIA REGION
MAP 2.5 2010/01/17 22:43:34 44.565 -110.972 6.5 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
MAP 5.3 2010/01/17 22:38:14 -32.047 -177.825 3.4 SOUTH OF THE KERMADEC ISLANDS
MAP 2.6 2010/01/17 21:55:56 44.554 -110.970 0.9 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
MAP 2.7 2010/01/17 21:04:07 44.562 -110.967 9.7 YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING
actually if they weren’t uncommon
then why are they showing up now for?
the last time they started showing up was
december - January 2008

This website has only had a 1 - 3 all year round since then in yellowstone

but now for some reason it’s acting up again or maybe it’s just some pattern that happens around January

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Or does it just appear that way? Is it normal for earthquakes to happen in series like this?

I’ve looked on the USGS site and I can see that earthquakes happen every day but how does this year (and last year) stand up to past years?

I haven’t always been up on world news but now I am very into the news…so I’m not sure if it’s just that I didn’t notice it in the past.

BTW, I know there are other places to ask this but I normally get good activity/answers here. 🙂
I think it is easier to blow this off because there is nothing anyone can do to stop an earthquake or tsunami. I discovered after the earthquake in Haiti (right after the earthquake in Eureka) by looking through the earthquake reports that earthquakes do happen everyday. However, I also feel that this is something that you would have to calculate. The information is there for the public, it’s just a matter of who is willing to sort through it and compare it previous years. I don’t have time to do that because I only have a computer at work.

I don’t think it’s the end of the world but I do think our Earth is shifting and changing. Those of us who are fortunate to survive this shifting are going to really enjoy the new Earth.

I am not a "gloom and doom" kind of person but I live in SF, it is very realistic that a big one might hit here in the near future. I feel that something is up with the world.

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