Oh my God, it’s so sad. Imwas on yahoo’s main page and I couldn’t even look at all the pictures. I can’t begin to imagine what they must be going through. Thoughts?

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So I’m 13 and I’ve tried to edit this ( I’ve tried to put some commas in as well) I’m wondering if it catches your attention it’s supposed to be the beginning of my story but I’m kind of unsure of it. Is it good or bad? By the way if your a very hard core religious person I’d suggest you don’t read this.

“ You don’t know how hard it is! My wives always die!” Satan pouted.
“ So? Is it my fault that you take a fancy to mortal women!” God muttered back.
I stood there stiff, and as still as a statue holding their tray of delicious smelling cakes, and serving them hot, steaming tea.
I wondered if the two ever got tired of bickering. It was always the same nonsense “ You never pay me enough respect.”, “ You forgot to bow when passing by my statue!” or “ The mortals find me more handsomer than you.” A million years, and their bickering never seized.

Every decade the two would meet up for a “friendly” meeting. Discussing how life was, who was there latest wife, and of course how humanity would survive and progress which wasn’t as important as the other subjects. I was just the small angelic maid who stood there, not moving or breathing serving tea.

It wasn’t the best job in fact, I had nothing to brag about however, I was paid pretty well. The only down side was having to stand there and listen to their constant arguing.
“ I never get to have any new prophets or messiahs.” complained Satan.
“ That’s because you don’t need any. Your prophets are too powerful! The last on almost caused the earthquake in Haiti last January!” God explained wearily. “ I’m the one who needs the prophet!”
“ You sicken me the least you could do is grant me the simple wish of giving me a prophet!”
“ In your dreams!”
They were arguing again soon they’d be yelling I thought grimly. Though I was forbidden to speak much or mess with the argument or try to split it up much less.
“ I never wanted to be lord of the dead! I told you all I wanted was to have a huge empire!” He yelled back at God.
“ Oh sorry mister I need it all. You should have taken my offer I presented you to become one of my angels wouldn’t that have been enough for you?” God questioned I could see in his eyes he was losing patience.” Anyways you sinned.” he added a moment later.
“ Oh well I didn’t want to be considered one of the thousands of archangels of yours!”
They began yelling about prophets and, who should really be granted the messiah. I began to lose patience this wasn’t a peaceful meeting this was more like a war meeting.
“ Maybe you should both get a prophet. Twins.” I couldn’t believe it but I found the words easily slipping out of my mouth. The two froze having heard me. Realizing I’d broken one of my rules I nervously stuttered “ S-sorry my lords I meant more tea.”
“ Now that doesn’t sound like an awful idea Abigail” God said he stroked his beard.
“ Sounds pretty good to me.” Satan agreed.
A nervous sigh of relief escaped my lips so I wasn’t going to be terribly punished after all. That was how the birth of Elisabeth and Jason Hope was decided. Two unknowing but powerful messiah’s. I should have felt great but I knew that the fate I’d bestowed on them with that one outspoken comment.
Would forever haunt me.

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I heard about this but I’m not sure how they have an impact on the Earth’s axial rotation. They said these earthquakes cause the Earth to speed up in axial rotation and there was one today; I hope to God and in my heart, no innocent people were caught in it. That would be bad. Would we have to skip a second or make them internally shorter on the other hand?

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I always wondered out of curiosity. Picture a young boy put into a "Robinson Crusoe" situation. Not baptised, just somehow ended up on his own (earthquake killed his parents), raised himself, fed himself, never sinned, and never been exposed to any religion, people or sin. When he dies which religion would take him? Would Catholic God say ok, you can go to heaven , or will He say you have never read my bible or accepted Catholism you are going to hell? Would Muslim God let him go to heaven? Would any religion accept him? Would Buddhism or Hinduism be kinder to him? What about an older Christian religion like Eastern Orthodoxy?

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I mean how do we know for sure christians, that these earthquakes are from a biblical point of view..Nasa states that the reason we are hearing of more are because of media and television? There has been another earthquake in spain today, is that gods wrath or just ground activity.. How does god choose where these earthquakes will hit?, He has never sent one to london in England are we all good people here..?

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Another big earthquake just happened in the Solomon Islands!
I feel like saying: if a person doesn’t think these quakes are one of the signs that Jesus said would be happening to mark the end times and signify His return,their delusional!
Jesus said there would be earthquakes all over the place all happening at the same time or very close to each other,that’s never been the pattern before of earthquakes in human history!
A person can check this in science facts!
Many of the things that God has said would happen in the end times has already taken place!

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If you haven’t heard, there was an earthquake in China with a 6.9 magnitude.
There were reported three aftershocks recorded at 5.3, 5.2, and 5.8 (according to USGS).

Let’s hope that the majority of the ones stuck under rubble will be able to be saved.

Let’s pray for their safety too.
What do you think of this drastic earthquake?
Spyro: Are you saying that 67 people dead isn’t enough to recognize a catastrophe? Besides the 67 dead, there are countless stuck under rubble. Even if you don’t believe in God, you could show some respect for the people that have died.

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I think that was God showing all the non believers and the Liberals (those in favor of abortion and gay marriage) a message. He just showed the world that he is still in charge and I believe with the way things are going the end is near. Anyone else agree that the liberal gay child murders should start repenting if it is not already to late?

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the main god of the Minoan civilization was the (blank) Goddess (6 letters)

The Dorian period of the time in Greek history is known as the ( 7 letters)

Because of their strong navy,Crete cities were not (blank) against invaders ( 9 letters)

Greece has few (6 letters)

Much of the Greek history has been influence by its ( 9 letters and starts with a g)

Minoan comes from the name king(5 letters)

Around 1200 b.c., the Mycenaean civilization was started to decline. Several reason given by the scholars are:1)earthquakes and 2) internal (blank) between the city states ( 3 letters )

Because archaeologist have found few weapons or pictures decicting wars scholars believe the Minoans were not (blank)-(blank) people ( 7 letters )

Thera is an island (blank) miles north of Crete ( 7 letters)

The great palace at ( blank) was the most famous on Crete ( 7letters)

The Dorians were (blank) people and did not like cities ( 8 letters)

Greece is the crossroad of (blank) Asia and Europe ( 6 letters and starts with an a)

Please help me 🙂 please and thank you

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(2/27/10)…Pat Robertson today argued that the 8.8 magnitude of the earthquake that struck Chile early this morning should serve as a warning to the population that “God is even angrier with them than he is with the people of Haiti.”

So is he better as
…an evangelist
…a seismologist
…a new hybrid of evangelism and seismology?


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