That has to keep them up late at night.;_ylt=Al4NGWB5ChVaDBwsjER0IcTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100227200234AAbZaXM;_ylt=Aua519XV_AgFWkrU3JRMx63sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100227202136AAyjxaI
@bethy…, that may be only you linking earthquakes to global warming. sorry
@linda k…okay, calm down now…

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A recent post on a global-warming website specifically aimed at youngsters implicitly blames man-made global warming for the Haiti earthquake.

In an article titled – with breathtaking insensitivity – ""What the Haiti Quake Means for the Climate Movement"" (because that’s the main concern here, right?) it says "as the planet heats up, disasters are becoming more frequent and severe" and that Haiti is just the latest example of this.

Although it hedges by stating that ""it is inherently difficult to map changes in the Earth’s climate to any specific event"", it leaves the young reader in no doubt as to the underlying cause, saying ""every time a natural disaster hits, I think about fossil fuels"" and that ""what we know is that burning fossil fuels is altering the climate, increasing the likelihood that disasters like this one will occur.""

It’s only a short article. Have a read and see what you think. Lowest of the low? Are there *any* depths to which they won’t stoop?

""What the Haiti Quake Means for the Climate Movement""
From "It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement" website.

In case you’re wondering, the author of this article, Josh Lynch was a campaign manager for "Green for All" and helped organise the "Dream Reborn" conference described by its participants as ""transcendent" and "church-like."" ( )

He is also a co-founder of the Energy Action Coalition.


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Liberals constantly accuse us Conservatives of ignoring the science on Global Warming. OK, two prominent showbiz liberals have now linked earthquakes and tsunamis to Global Warming. Those being Danny Glover and Eve Ensler.

So please explain to me the science of how GW causes them.

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the 60s and 70s were all about positive energy and ushering in an age of enlightenment… now all the talk about 2012 and global warming, and solar flares and volcanic activity and earthquakes and hurricanes… so which is it?

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Just wondering how much of the coast line could change? In the event of global warming how far would the water come inland? In the event of a tidal wave how far could a wave come inland? Seriously, I want to know. I know eventually over millions of years it could become an island chain, but how much could really happen in say the next 100 years?

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I was just listening to Pat Robertson on You Tube. Terrorists do take advantage of political changes, 1993 (Clinton), 2001 (Bush), 2007 (New Congress?). Not a big leap to think of a terrorist attack in 2007. Kind of an anti-climax announcement.

But it did get me thinking, how many people actually prepare for a possible disaster by having a few days of food around, flash lights, medical supplies, that kind of thing. The normal Red Cross Be Prepared kind of thing.

All the "Oh my God the world is going to be destroyed by…" Nuclear war, global warming, terrorists, hurricanes, tornadoes, infestations of caterpillars, etc can leave this one alone.

I just want to know how many reasonably normal people have checked out and have some emergency supplies around in case of a disaster.
Thanks. The ratio of real answers to silly answers tells me a lot too. Looks like if there was a major disaster any major urban center in the country things would end up a lot like they were in Louisiana. On the other hand, it kind of looks like people in rural or suburban areas might be better prepared. Kind of a common sense thing I would guess. some kind of ratio of storage space versus costs versus convince and availability, I would assume.


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hurricanes have increased in intensity and numbers drasticaly. there has been more volcanic eruptians, earthquakes, more intense thunderstorms, and tsunamis. also, the climate is shifting. i believe global warming is a rising factor that is being ignored. something needs to be done before it is too late. governemtnis more worried about money then it is man kind. what are your views?
i understand that its nautral and will occur no matter what, but its the intensity and how we speed the proccess up that worries me. sea level is rising, this is another problem occuring due to the melting glaciers.

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Hello, I’m writing a research and i need to know what is the most recent disaster that are caused by global warming.

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so u must of hear already… it was 5.4 i think
im 13 and i was sleeping at 11:42 (yes i know lazy)
but it woke me up and theres supposed to be more earthquakes this week.. do you know anything about when and what the possible magnitude thingy is ?

and did global warming cause it , or was it just natural ?

&& i can SOO WAiT for the san andres fault to happen :[
no they started out saying it was 5.8 but then concluded 5.4

and when are they coming ? :p

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Does anyone even care? I mean with the fast paced life we live in…..Does anyone even realize what "we" are doing to Mother Earth? I wonder………well, the Ice (polar cap) is melting at an
abnormal rate than it should. The Oceans are rising, The Volcanos are acting up, Tsunami’s are wiping out not one but several "Countrys" at a time! and the Thousands of lives taken?
Tornadoes in California? Earthquakes at their deadliest! really hot summers and freezing winters! The sting on my skin from the sun indicates lesser protection from our Ozone…….Sound like nonsense? Global Warming! is the reason I feel. So now what should "we" do to stop the distruction before it’s to late?

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