Shouldnt an earthquake of a 5.4 magnitude be felt by everyone?

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So our thesis statement is supposed to be 1 sentence long, and contain 3 main points that we will cover in our paper. Do you think semicolon use acceptable? vv

Since the earthquake, pictures and videos from Haiti have stunned millions all over the world; stories of illness, abused women, and orphaned children have tugged peoples’ heartstrings, inspiring them to do all they can to help.

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So if you go to the USGS website and upload the earthquake page, how current is the data? Do the seismographic monitors constantly upload data to the site, making it real-time; or is it only current to within a day?

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An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 has shaken the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan today at 01:23:26 AM local time according to the USGS.

For more scientific and general information about this event please go to the
USGS webpage.

This is not the first large or damaging earthquake which has happened in that zone. Below there is a list of historical earthquakes collected from the International Seismological Centre since 1964.

Author Date – Time Lon Lat Depth Value Type
1979-01-16 09:50:06 33.956 59.531 9.7 6.7 MS
1979-11-14 02:21:18 34.029 59.806 3.0 6.7 MS
1979-11-27 17:10:33 34.082 59.795 9.0 7.3 MS
1979-12-07 09:23:55 34.139 59.918 0.0 6.1 MS
1993-01-27 10:27:04 32.084 60.090 21.0 4.8 MS
1994-02-23 08:02:04 30.806 60.569 6.0 6.1 MS
1994-02-26 02:31:11 30.849 60.555 9.4 5.9 MS
1997-05-10 07:57:29 33.878 59.823 6.7 7.0 MS
1997-05-13 11:42:25 33.462 59.888 37.0 3.9 MS
1997-06-16 03:00:10 33.302 60.208 55.2 4.4 MS
1997-06-20 12:57:36 32.327 60.024 34.8 5.4 MS
1998-04-10 15:00:53 32.454 60.086 33.0 5.7 MS
1999-11-08 21:37:20 35.715 61.246 10.0 5.2 MS
2001-10-08 01:17:16 32.899 60.276 27.0 4.4 MS
2003-07-03 14:59:27 35.575 60.850 2.1 4.9 MS
2004-07-14 14:36:02 35.014 61.891 14.8 3.6 MS

This is the map of the events shown above

Global positioning Afghanistan-Pakistan border

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So, I get a high-pitched ring in my right ear, and only my right ear never the left, there’s always an earthquake within the next 24 hours. The longer it lasts, the higher the magnitude. It only rings when there’s gonna be one with a magnitude of 5.0+
My ear rang 5 times yesterday. The times were;
3: 37 a.m. (This one was the longest out of all of them)
8: 55 a.m.
9: 23 a.m.
12: 11 a.m.
5: 19 p.m.
I looked up recent earthquakes, and found this site.

There were 5 earthquakes!
This has been going on for about 5 years now, I’m 13.
Has anyone else had this happen?
Anyone have and idea as to why it does this??
Me and my brother’s crack up about it and say I’m a catfish! Hahaha!!!!:)
LOL Superficialidade (Sorry if mispelled!!!!)

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a. epicenter – the surface location of an earthquake
b. fault – a fracture in the crust along which movement has occurred
c. hypocenter – the underground point of origin of a quake
d. tsunami – an underwater earthquake

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When an earthquake occurs, two types of sound waves are generated and travel through the earth. The primary, or P, wave has a speed of about 10.5 km/s and the secondary, or S, wave has a speed of about 5.5 km/s. A seismograph, located some distance away, records the arrival of the P wave and then, 140 s later, records the arrival of the S wave. Assuming that the waves travel in a straight line, how far is the seismograph from the earthquake?

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tsunami warning with it…. are you folks who are nearby or on shorelines getting out , NOW????>…. please do…..
report not considering the tsunami, if one is generated, to be too dangerous…. ok…. sorry… you don’t have to run for the hills…. but… I’d stay aware, anyway…..can’t be too careful, right?…..
still, there WAS a tsunami… people were lost…. the warning should have remained….very sad….

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A) The epicenter is calculated after the all the aftershocks of an earthquake are plotted. It is the statistical center of the earthquake. The focus is the spot of first motion of the rocks.
B) The epicenter is where the energy is first released and the focus of the earthquake is where most of the damage is done
C) The focus of the earthquake is were surface waves are first detected while the epicenter is where the P and S waves are detected.
D) The epicenter is the spot on the Earth’s surface directly above the focus.

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Has anyone heard of the earthquake that happened in New Zealand in early September? Does anyone have any news as to the progress of the city? Has the government put aside anymore money to help out the economy?

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