A recent post on a global-warming website specifically aimed at youngsters implicitly blames man-made global warming for the Haiti earthquake.

In an article titled - with breathtaking insensitivity - ""What the Haiti Quake Means for the Climate Movement"" (because that’s the main concern here, right?) it says "as the planet heats up, disasters are becoming more frequent and severe" and that Haiti is just the latest example of this.

Although it hedges by stating that ""it is inherently difficult to map changes in the Earth’s climate to any specific event"", it leaves the young reader in no doubt as to the underlying cause, saying ""every time a natural disaster hits, I think about fossil fuels"" and that ""what we know is that burning fossil fuels is altering the climate, increasing the likelihood that disasters like this one will occur.""

It’s only a short article. Have a read and see what you think. Lowest of the low? Are there *any* depths to which they won’t stoop?

""What the Haiti Quake Means for the Climate Movement""
From "It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement" website.

In case you’re wondering, the author of this article, Josh Lynch was a campaign manager for "Green for All" and helped organise the "Dream Reborn" conference described by its participants as ""transcendent" and "church-like."" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_For_All )

He is also a co-founder of the Energy Action Coalition.

See: https://itsgettinghotinhere.org/author/joshlynch/

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As if some kind of radiated pulse or modifier is aimed at water supply near storm to increase the storm development in a certain area.

I have noticed this and have copied several instances to my hard drive. Whenever I have seen these patterns - these storms became major disasters.

Could our Government have some kind of Weather Modification satellite in space? You know, some kind of microwave pulse or beam directed at nearby water supplies to warm up the water and creat more moisture/power in the storm.

I saw this during hurricane Katrina - A major glitch flashing right across the Infrared weather screen right befor ethe storm intensified.

And it is only visible on the Infrared screen

Just throwing this out there.
Peter D

You seem to think you know me. I don’t show my questions or answer so you are either watching what I do or you have nothing to do all day and look at every post on every board.

The World is not what it appears to be from an average citizens point of view.

The fact that I connect on all these issues is nothing more than a way to help people wake up.

The World doesn’t belong to man and my life doesn’t belong to my Government.

Freedom of Speech

I may ask what I want, where I want and when I want.

Get a life

I can show you the screen grabs if you would like of Hurricane Katrina spiking on the infrared.


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I want to help out with disasters like the Haiti earthquake but I haven’t been able to because I don’t have the money to physically get to the disasters. I’m young and strong, have a decent amount of first aid training, and a strong desire to help. Who could use me if it meant paying my way there?

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This movie features a Tsunami in New York and Tornados in LA, and people flee to Mexico, there are disasters all over the world, earthquakes etc. Typical end of time flick.

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I’m all the way in NY…and I hate watching the news on television. It seems to be making headlines, and 300,000 people evacuated in SoCal is a huge number. A federal emergency is pretty big. The thing with wildfires though is that it’s mostly just evacuations and structural damage, not lives lost. So how would you rank this disaster along with past disasters such as Katrina, the Minnesota bridge collapse, and the California earthquakes of the late ’80’s/early ’90’s? And what about compared to the Florida wildfires that occurred recently when they had to close Disney World?

One thing I wonder is why they build communities in natural wildfire areas…if they can’t control them, they shouldn’t be doing that.
How would you guys compare them to the recent Florida wildfires? My only thoughts on it is that those wildfires went through pretty rural areas of farmland in south Georgia/North Florida, while the SoCal wildfires are ripping through urban and suburban areas, affecting many more people and structures.
Are these occurring right in San Diego? I’ve been to the Encinitas/La Jolla area a few times, it’s beautiful there, are the fires reaching any of those areas? I remember that where we would stay, we would hop on a highway and go right to Sea World in about 10-15 minutes.

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Do you believe in God?

Can you prove that God was responsible for this disaster?


God hasn’t caused the earth ozone layer to shrink, or the atmosphere to become polluted, or the trees to be destroyed. Do you know who is responsible for all the earth disasters.

Even some Catholic Cardinals say "its an act of God" To illustrate: While visiting San Pedro Sacatepéquez the Friday after the quake a man pawing through the remains of his home dejectedly told me: “This is punishment from God, because we have been very bad people.”
Where, you may wonder, did he and many others of these humble hardworking people get such an idea? The next day it became apparent. The Catholic Cardinal of Guatemala, Mario Casariego, said, as quoted in the country’s principal newspaper:
“In these moments of great calamities to the people, the teaching of the Holy Scriptures comes to mind: God loves and because he loves, he corrects, sets straight and awakens. . . . Haven’t we resisted so much that we have obligated God to work in this way?” Then he added that helping to rebuild the Cathedral and other destroyed churches would “be the symbol of an authentic and personal return to God.”—El Imparcial, February 7, 1976, page 6.

*** Awake 1976 5/8 p. 9 Earthquake Devastates Guatemala ***

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Yesterday, I saw many signs & boxes about donating food & school supplies to places, like Africa & Honduras. But do other countries do that for us when our country is struggling? I understand that those are poor countries, but I’m just curious.

People cared more about the tsunami in Asia than they cared abut Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Why is that?
Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. People here in the US didn’t care about the disasters of their own country.

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Thursday, 01 October 2009
The tsunami warnings issued following the recent Indonesian earthquake are being exploited by malware developers.

Scammers have targeted keywords such as “tsunami” and “western Samoa” in an attempt to ensare unwary Web surfers.

"An unfortunate side effect of any news-worthy disasters of the modern day is that a wave of malware will often follow in the virtual world after the initial event in the physical world,” says Symantec.

“For many people, search engines are the gateway to the masses of information available and because of this, it is also one of the first places to be targeted by malware creators. They waste no time in getting their malicious software and Web sites set up and poisoning the Web searches to make sure that their results are returned near the top of the page.”

The latest exploits exhibit the same pattern as the recent Serena Williams malware.

Certain Web pages promising information about the tsunami will attempt to perform fake antivirus scans, and will suggest that computers have been infiltrated with spyware. These operations, known as ‘scareware’, will then offer to ‘clean’ PCs for a fee, in the process further infecting systems.

As always, NetGuide recommends that you run anti-virus software on your computer and keep it up to date at all times.
the article shows you how fast the bad guys will react to news stories as a hook to get you to their infected sites. in some ways it is kinda sad these ppl have nothing better to do than update their scareware within hours of a news story just to try and get you infected.

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Is it that Perry like a lot of other conservative Republicans like to delude themselves into believing that the federal government only hurts them and not helps them even though they keep on asking the federal government for help when disasters happen ?
Invisible, read the link then you will understand. That’s why I put it there.
I think some of you have taken for granted the benefits of living in a union for too long. You’re ingrates.

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As my question: What are some disasters [natural or not] that may occur to California?

Acceptable Answer: It is said that California will have an earthquake in the next 15 years, etc.

UNACCEPTABLE Answer: i don’t know. look on the news.

— I will report those unacceptable, ignorant answers.
Oh and also, what parts of California?

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