Obviously not your opinion on the actual floods – i don’t think anybody can disagree that it was a horrible tragedy for many innocent people.

No, I mean more about how the other nations have reacted. One thing I have noticed is that, while more people have been affected (not killed, affected) than the Haiti earthquake, it has received less coverage. Where is Pakistan’s charity single?

I ask this because I am writing a guest post on a friends blog about the recent disaster. I’m interested in other people’s opinion.

So, why do you think that Pakistan has received less coverage than other disasters?

I, like many people, believe that it has its roots in racism. Whilst many people have not been brave enough to mention this factor, I think it is there. Where I come from, anybody with brown skin is automatically labelled a ‘Paki’ – even if they are Indian, nobody cares enough to differentiate. (I am a British White Male, by the way).

I was speaking to somebody the other day about this, and his reply actually shocked me. He said ‘Well, its not like we’re going to run out of them, is it?’.

I also read about a group with terrorist (al-Qaeda) connections, giving out aid in the poorest regions, do you believe this will spur terrorism on? I personally believe that in five, ten years, the young children of rural Pakistan are going to remember who it was that helped them when they needed it the most.

So, what do YOU personally believe, what are YOUR thoughts on the whole situation?

And finally, do you think the world is falling apart?
@Harley Drive – interesting! Although, they could have double that population, it wouldn’t matter. The rural population are poor, and their crops have been destroyed. Many areas of Pakistan are unreachable due to the floods now, so its very difficult for the government to help. Nice answer though, to the point. Thanks!

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I know that the trees and shrubs are burnt after a fire but what happens to the animals? Also, are there any other disasters?

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A coworker told me of a top ten list of natural disaster that came on yahoo recently. He described one of the disasters as occurring about 20 or 40 years ago in some central America country like Ecuador where gas had leaked throughout a city and the gas caught on fire and burned many people. I looked all over and couldn’t find any disaster like this in history. Does anybody know of a disaster like this happening?

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My grandfather is a real Christian man and he says that all these earthquakes are signs of the rapture or apocalypse. Even before these disasters, he told me that they would happen… What is your input?

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Even disasters would be more welcomed by profiteers (selling disaster relief) than preventing disasters.
“”Proud 13-year old member of the vast right wing conspiracy.””” I would have guessed 11 or 12.

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Brazilian news have been reporting many earthquakes around the globe with emphazis on Haiti, Chile, Taiwan and now Mexico. It wasn’t like that last year or the years before. Is it only the media exploring disasters more fiercily or are we really facing a global catastrophe?

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"what can a student do inmanaging disasters"

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I am told so many times to hold my tongue when trying to convince designers and builders that improving their building frames would stop a tornado in destroying their product.

They all say not to worry, because we are all insured against disasters.
thanks for the sympathy, morgan, and knightrider; if you had a new method for buildings to resist wind and seismic forces, which didn’t change the design of the building, just the frame, was easier and less expensive to assemble/install, and proved to upgrade the frames to be more resistant than the forces, what would you do?

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I know a lot about the 2012 doomsday prophecies but do you think with all the recent happenings and massive Earthquakes could be leading up to 2012? I believe some have said that you will start seeing more and more disasters as the time gets closer? Could this possibly be true? And the whole thing about it lining up in the middle of the milky way even possible and cause cataclysmic occurrences?

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Are we now fighting a "War on Disasters?" Is this what they mean by "disaster capitalism?"

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