Is it true that every disaster in the world goes through its obligatory two-week focus cycle and then is discarded as old news? Doesn’t this latest crisis in Haiti prove this once and for all? After all, the ante has now been upped to 200,000. Who would have thought that any calamity would have reached that number, much less an earthquake? Has there ever been an earthquake with that many deaths in the history of the world? If 200,000 dead people is not going to break the two-week attention barrier, then what will?

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so ive been thinking, and ive had an idea. i just wanted it to get to you guys. i don’t believe the world will end in 2012, but ive been seeing HOW it COULD happen.
i would first like to point this out; an earthquake struck haiti, a place already struggling.
one month later: an even bigger earthquake struck. not only is this earthquake bringing tsunamis to other countries, it also so happens that the earths rotation has been changed and our day has become shorter. i don’t know about you guys, but when i heard that there was an earthquake powerful enough to change the earth’s natural course, i felt that this is a power that only a catastrophic event could exceed. think about it: a 2012 disaster would have that kind of effect, and possibly worse. do you guys understand?
what else could end the world?
oh yeah, almost forgot that some very unfriendly people in North Korea are ignoring pleads from other countries and are deciding to go on with their nuclear bomb programs. yeah, i find it very possible that north korea could start a nuclear war or just bomb its enemies.
oh yeah, iran is gaining radioactive elements, right? or some country in the middle east, i cant remember…
what else could destroy the world/human civilization?
i heard about this thing called global warming. just a little thing, really, unless the ice caps melt. if that happens, guess what? its been calculated that cities like New York with their huge sky scrapers would be thousands of feet under water.
if i can remember correctly, earthquakes starting up, the ice caps melting, and a nuclear war would kill us all. and it would fit the mayan prophecy of the end of the world.
i don’t really believe the world will end, but i think that its possible, and with the latest events, that possibility is getting even bigger.

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ok well i live in texas it never snows and last week it snowed and what not and now all these earthquakes in haiti and now chile n then argentina i think like 2 hours later i don’t know if its argentina but anyways whats really going on i never seen so much disaster in such short time? is something worse going to happen only reason i ask is because stuff usually gets worse before it gets better.

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Are we now fighting a "War on Disasters?" Is this what they mean by "disaster capitalism?"

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The last hurricane that passed through were the gas stations equipped with backup generators, were the shelters properly surveyed for proper usage, were inventory made on food and medical supplies that could be made available for use after the disaster passed away. Were the hospital and other emergency establishments equipment with backup generators. We should always be prepared,the season will soon be here again. Just look around you and what do you see?

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it’s for an illustration project on disaster.
It’s for an illustration assignment, and the instructor won’t give me a straight answer on it. I feel it is, and I can represent it as such, but I’m looking for opinions to include in my research of the topic

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A few days after the big quake in Chile, people are starting to loot. They have not eaten for days. Banks are closed and couldn’t operate even if they were open, so there is no money available to buy things. If people are starving, is it permitted to just take the things you need to survive? Does the law allow that, or are you just supposed to go off and die? Is there any provision in the law for allowing people to do what they must to survive a disaster, or are we required to meekly starve to death?

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I have some concerns about moving to Florida, because of all of the natural disasters that’s been going on lately..

Do you think Florida can be hit by a tsunami or a earthquake or any other major natural disasters?

I am aware of the hurricanes, but usually they give you a head-sup on those. I am talking about disaster that people can’t "predict" hitting a certain area 100% and that will just hit without no time of warning that could help people escape?!

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Ok I posted this 3 yrs ago. The Super Bowl is again in Miami and I havent had any dream like this since. Could it have been this up coming SuperBowl???Here is the question from 3 yrs ago.

Are these just dreams?I live in Tampa area. About 7 years ago i had a strange dream. I was in my parents back yard and looked towards the southeast and saw a mushroom cloud. I knew in my dream it was Miami. Was scary dream and even though miami is about 7 hours drive , there was rocks falling on my head. Move forward. About 5-6 months before Tsunami’s i had dreams of giant wave coming towards gulf coast of florida. Never thought about dream until Tsumani happend. Move forward. About 6 weeks before Katrina had another dream of a big wave but seemed to be caused by storm. Now i remembered 1st dream about three weeks ago when i had another one where i was high above a stadium looking down at it. 3 objects went down into the stadium and saw a big blast. In my dream i knew that the stadium was in Miami. The next thing is i was standing on ledge of a building and that building and all of the other buildings started falling but not like the WTC but like cig ashes. Is this just a dream

* 3 years ago
Super Bowl Disaster?

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Q1: Give me the exact date of the Interliga 2010. (link would be good)

Q2: Give me the latest news on your team.

Q3: Give me the exact date when Liga Mexicana begins again.

B.Q: Have you ever been in a Disaster Storm? (i.e - Tornado, Earthquake, Hurricane, etc.)

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