I need detailed answers and citations. The answers must be internationally based. I will be picking a best answer.
How do hurricanes affect the suppliers?
How do hurricanes affect the distributors?
How do hurricanes affect the consumers?
How do hurricanes change supply and demand?
What ways can companies benefit from these natural disasters?
What companies are already implementing strategies to benefit and help provide disaster relief?
How do hurricanes affect the shipping routes?
I have been researching this, and found other sources were needed.

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FEMA has not doing its job when hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. However, Wal-Mart become one of the first to be on the scene. Why do you think FEMA should outsource its disaster relief management to private organizations like Wal-Mart?

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1.Not all of the aid actually reaches the people. (As in many African countries, the aid enriches the corrupt officials.)

2.Disaster relief shows preference.(haiti vs Pakistan)

3.Disaster relief is ineffective because there are still many man made disasters that threaten the country (such as terrorism)

Are they good? How can i make them sound better??? :O

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I want to help people … disaster relief or counsel. I wouldn’t expect money but maybe food and board. Are there any companies, ministries, organizations I can do that with? I am 35 year old office worker and most programs appear to be for young people.

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I’m aware these roles are performed by troops from many different nations, but mainly in terms of the British Army, and especially in terms of soldiers specialising in engineering roles: How are they transferred to peace keeping or disaster relief missions? Do they request it or are they selected? What roles do they usually perform during and after conflicts, earthquakes, floods etc. And finally how long can these transfers last?
i know i mentioned the UN, but i didn’t meant to limit it to that, it was more an Engineers specific question, what roles they play and whether they can volunteer

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Canada currently requires that companies operating in the Arctic have to drill relief wells in the same season as the primary well.

As we’re seeing from the BP Gulf oil disaster, relief wells are the only solution with a high probability of success in the event of a major leak. But they take about 3 months to drill, and add cost to the operation (though I don’t know how much added cost). In other words, the oil wouldn’t be as cheap to extract if a relief well were required.

Given the environmental disaster created by the Gulf oil spill, do you think relief wells should be a requirement for all offshore drilling operations, or would this be an excessive requirement?

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I was wondering if anyone knows how to go about getting a job doing disaster relief in either Nashville or the Gulf. My boyfriend worked disaster relief after Katrina and he was interested in doing the same now. Any ideas?

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I was in the military and have Disaster Relief experience, been in the 80 involved in Disaster relief after the Bombing in the US Embassy in Beirut Lebanon, in Argentina after the bombing of the Israeli embassy but also after the volcano eruption in South America. I would like to go as soon asap to help to the people and local authorities, I speak a bit of Mandarin. So if you have info please contact me asap with this info!! I also have Medicare experience,I have BA in Psychology.

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Even disasters would be more welcomed by profiteers (selling disaster relief) than preventing disasters.
“”Proud 13-year old member of the vast right wing conspiracy.””” I would have guessed 11 or 12.

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Hi, I want to work in Tennessee or Louisiana for disaster relief. I was wondering what I would have to do to be a volunteer there. Do they just supply me with money for shelter and thats it? How hard is it to get accepted if you have no previous volunteer work. Any other things you want to add I would greatly appreciate.
I want to go to Tennessee or Louisiana in August from the 1st of the month to maybe the 15th or something, is that possible? What say do I have in that?

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