With the recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan I’ll be flying over seas to help my family (my step-mother’s family) and friends with the disaster. I was wondering where I could get some free online lessons to help me get around over there. Podcasts, printouts etc etc any info you can give would be great thanks (:

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An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 has shaken the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan today at 01:23:26 AM local time according to the USGS.

For more scientific and general information about this event please go to the
USGS webpage.

This is not the first large or damaging earthquake which has happened in that zone. Below there is a list of historical earthquakes collected from the International Seismological Centre since 1964.

Author Date – Time Lon Lat Depth Value Type
1979-01-16 09:50:06 33.956 59.531 9.7 6.7 MS
1979-11-14 02:21:18 34.029 59.806 3.0 6.7 MS
1979-11-27 17:10:33 34.082 59.795 9.0 7.3 MS
1979-12-07 09:23:55 34.139 59.918 0.0 6.1 MS
1993-01-27 10:27:04 32.084 60.090 21.0 4.8 MS
1994-02-23 08:02:04 30.806 60.569 6.0 6.1 MS
1994-02-26 02:31:11 30.849 60.555 9.4 5.9 MS
1997-05-10 07:57:29 33.878 59.823 6.7 7.0 MS
1997-05-13 11:42:25 33.462 59.888 37.0 3.9 MS
1997-06-16 03:00:10 33.302 60.208 55.2 4.4 MS
1997-06-20 12:57:36 32.327 60.024 34.8 5.4 MS
1998-04-10 15:00:53 32.454 60.086 33.0 5.7 MS
1999-11-08 21:37:20 35.715 61.246 10.0 5.2 MS
2001-10-08 01:17:16 32.899 60.276 27.0 4.4 MS
2003-07-03 14:59:27 35.575 60.850 2.1 4.9 MS
2004-07-14 14:36:02 35.014 61.891 14.8 3.6 MS

This is the map of the events shown above

Global positioning Afghanistan-Pakistan border

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I have scientific proof that 2012 is bound NOT to happen. I just want to hear your thoughts, and share mine, too. Evidence: you would be able to see Planet X coming by now in the night sky if it were that close to Earth (or if it even exists); the possibility of Planet X actually striking Earth is very slim; Polar Shifts are just a theory, and would otherwise take 5,000 years to complete; the Galactic Alignment had, supposedly, already happened or is going to happen later on, but Sag. A (center of the galaxy) would need to be thousands of light-years closer to Earth to have any effect AT ALL; human disasters are predictable, but astronomical and natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. are completely unpredictable; the Mayans started all of this, and even THEY don’t think 2012 is a disaster but a celebration for a new tomorrow!

These are my accurate facts about 2012, now tell me what you think!
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My fiancee and I want terribly to get to Nashville to help with the relief, but we don’t have the extra finances to get there. Is there any organizations out there that will help get people to Nashville to help with this disaster?

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Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes. Can they ever damage to a nuclear power plant, causing a radiation leak, or worse? Maybe this needs to be asked by our government, in light of the oil leak in the gulf.. We need to investigate and prepare for ANY potential disaster.

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rescently, china had a big earthquake . about fifty thousands people died and over hundred thousands missing. this disaster cost about seven billion us dollars to china according to chinese government resources.

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Please give me your name, job title, and if possible your phone number. These are the questions I have for you:

* What type of disaster did you experience?
* When and where did this disaster occur?
* What did you do to prepare for the disaster?
* What steps did you take during the disaster to protect yourself or your home?
* How much damage was done to your town?
* What was the experience like after the disaster?
* What did you learn from this experience?
* Have you ever experienced any other natural disasters?

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It seems like all corners of the world are helping out with donations to help the impoverished country and many countries like the United States, Great Britain, Mexico, and Canada are on the island with some troops and doctors trying to help out as much as they can.

I’m very young but never in my life have I seen the world come together to try and help out for such a disaster. The closest before was the tsunami in Indonesia.

It’s awesome to see.

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I live in Canada and am greatly troubled by the disaster in Haiti. However, I learned after donating to the 9/11 funds that most of the money never reaches the people and services that need it. Does anyone know of a charity that is not corrupt and that will ensure my money goes to the right places? Thanks!

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Haiti, Chile, Mexico, Sumatra (Indonesia), Japan, Metro Manila (capital of Philippines) and the Andaman Islands, Illinois, Cuba. Earthquakes (big ‘n small) in all these places in 3 months. What’s the reason behind this? Please don’t post replies saying all this is a prelude to some mega disaster in 2012.

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