We are sending millions of pounds of grains, and other foods to other countries when we have hungry people here in the USA.

We are supplying millions of dollars worth of first aid to other countries when we would like cheaper health care in our USA.

We are borrowing money from china and russia and giving it to countries that don’t need it like Isreal (top 25 per capita).

We spend billions on disaster relief at other countries when we have thousands of families still homeless from our own natural disasters.

Shouldn’t we take care of our own first?

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I would like help with ideas on how to solve the current crisis China is having after the earthquake struck. I’m writing an essay about it and I am really stuck.

Thank you!!!


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I was watching Larry King and he ‘interviewed’ a christian that was rescued from the Haiti earthquake, Larry asked the man what saved him and the christian man said ‘god’ saved me…this is very interesting, because I don’t remember seeing any pictures of god with a shovel working with the rescue teams, I would of thought the obvious answer would of been ‘the search and rescue teams saved me’.
Anyway, the question is, why do christians claim ‘god’ helps them when something ‘good’ happens after a catastrophe but that he is unable to intervene and actually stop the catastrophe from happening in the first place?
John H- please stop pulling percentages out of your ar$e. Rescue teams from Germany and England and China and many other countries, do not contain 90% theists.

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Global News Blog
Wyclef Jean Haiti earthquake: Singer leads charge to help through Yele Haiti charity – and Twitter
Hip Hop artist Wyclef Jean is urging people to donate to his Haitian charity, Yรฉle Haiti, by texting "YELE" to 501501. (The donation will be automatically charged to your cellphone bill.) His is one of many Haiti earthquake relief efforts underway.



I spend .00 at "China Fun" on vegetable fried rice easily! So donating .00 to help those in need is cake for me! ๐Ÿ™‚
Unless you have a "legit" website, I’m not texting nor do I vouch for "Haiti" 90999. You need to post a "legit" website! Sorry but I just don’t trust random numbers. Come legit or don’t come at all!
https://www.ksee24.com/news/local/81371092.html Ok, I see where you’re getting your information from. I’m sorry for coming off rude like. I owe you an apology. ( ^ _ ^ ) There happen to be people who use catastrophic events such as this for their own personal gain. I also did "Haiti" 90999 just a few seconds ago and received a confirmation text. Thanks for answer S.J. ๐Ÿ™‚
I checked it out EeeBee and it’s legit. I really hope that all the money goes to helping the people of Haiti. I really do.

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Earthquakes are a part of Earth’s natural growth, but why are we having so many of them in such rapid succession? It was the the big one off the coast of Asia that set off the largest Tsunami in human history, the one in China, and now the huge one in Haiti. What is going on here with Mother Earth?

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where was the GOP outrage when GWB sent tsunami relief?….or when GWB send AIDS relief to africa?…or when GWB sent earthquake relief to china and india?

republicans are once again demonstrating the hypocrisy of the phrase ‘compassionate conservatism’.

and u wonder why McCain only got 3% of the black vote in 2008.

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Is it based solely on the tectonic plates and faults? Why?
Yes, China does seem to bear more destruction.

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Could the Earth quake activity in China trigger seismic activity in let’s say…California?
I’m thinking that if the plates are shifting in one part of the world it could cause a domino effect in other.

Any "reality" to this theory?

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China has again lied and is trying to censor the media’s access to the internet. It is also spying on hotel guests in an attempt to crush truth. China is loking increasingly paranoid and desperate. Are we seeing the last days of this violent brutal dictatorship? I just read of a man jailed for posting pictures of schools destroyed in the earthquake. Is it time to boycott this disgusting games?

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I’m just curious how many countries will be sending "foreign aid" to help the victims of hurricane Gustav? Since the United States of America is always the first to send supplies and relief to any country that has a major natural disaster (China, Myrnamar, Indonesia, Georgia) would it not be a great switch to see other countries "aid" the USA?

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