Do you think there are buildings in China that can hold 9 Richter magnitude??! can you give pictures do these buildings? when I said building I don’t mean Stonehenge or the Pyramids I mean somewhere where people live and it’s at least 15 meters height.
kay kay, I really do believe your information is not correct. In China , new expensive buildings should be able to take at least 7!

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What is the strong connection between celebrities and us?
I mean, every single time some celebrity does something absurd or something happens to them why do we react like they’re our close friends?

I dont mean disrespect but lets look at the latest headlines:
John Travolta’s son has died…R.I.P
but why why is it that its all over CNN under BREAKING NEWS and all over the world people are crying for him?

Whereas when 800 people die in China from an earthquake or 500 people die from a ferry accident, no one seems to care too much.
Arent they both human and shouldnt they both be treated the same?

Whats this strong connection?

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rescently, china had a big earthquake . about fifty thousands people died and over hundred thousands missing. this disaster cost about seven billion us dollars to china according to chinese government resources.

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We live on the ground floor of an apartment building in a big compound of other buildings. There are around 50 apartment buildings, all of them very tall. If an earthquake occurred, would it be safer to go outside (and take the chance of being smooshed by buildings) or stay inside (and risk being flattened by 11 floors)?
Please do not answer saying to ask authorities or whatever, because we live in China and don’t speak Chinese or anything.
Also, PLEASE don’t be rude.

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i have noticed that lately we have gotten the haiti earthquake, the chile earthquake, the china one, and not an earthquake but the big iceland volcano just blew. Is it common to get this much activity? and correct me if i missed any earthquakes.

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It’s one after another……..the latest one was China.

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Or will the Chinese refuse foreign help again and then say foreigners didn’t do anything to help China.

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So as we’ve seen so far, there have been many earthquakes recently, haiti, Chile, Baja california, and Now China. So Can this trigger the so called Big One in California? should we be worried, I’ve been getting a lot of fordwards that an 8.4 magnitud earthquake will strike California Within the next 24 hrs.
Please write your comments.
Thank you.

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In the last two months there have been earthquakes in Haiti, Indonesia, Chile, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Mexico,Turkey, Pakistan and the latest in China.

early signs of 2012, eh?

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Haiti, California, China, now the Iceland volcano??
What is going on with the planet?
Are these just chain reactions, or is there a bigger picture?

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