Ok so during the past week it seems like i can predict the weather by my nipples reactions. Everytime i get this weird tingle in my left nipple, it gets cloudy and starts to rain. This is a serious question guys…Every time i get a tingle in my right nipple the winds exceed 35 mph and it starts to thunder and lightning. And finally, when both of my nipples tingle at the same time, a natural disaster occurs. When the big tsumani hit i wanted to rip my nipples off it hurt soooo bad. I think this is a problem but im too embaressed to talk to my parents about it and go to the doctors. What do i do??? It gets soo bad i want to get them surgically removed but i want to have kids and breastfeed someday. I know this sounds crazy but this is a real question and i need real answers!! Thank you so much!

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