I live in Washington state, and receive notifications from the USGS about earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest area. There have been a series of quakes off the Oregon coast over the past 10 days or so – the largest was a 5.2. I’m not a geologist by any stretch of the imagination, but I was watching the news last night, and a short piece on the quakes mentioned that this kind of series of quakes is usually associated with volcanic eruptions. Of course, right now, there IS no volcano in that region; is it possible that we’re about to see a new one begin? I’d be curious to know what people educated in this sort of science think – thanks!
Btw – I’m not "worried" about it or anything; I’m just wondering if it’s POSSIBLE. I certainly think it would be fascinating to see if it occurs, but I have no idea if that’s possible. I do remember MANY years ago (I’m 53) the process of a volcano (in the Atlantic, I think) turning into an island; it was documented in something like Life or National Geographic, but I was much too young at the time to do much more than look at the pictures.
Ok – yeah, I know about the Cascade volcanoes, of course (I can look out my window and see Rainier, after all…). I guess it’s just that the USGS folks are saying there’s no volcano in the immediate area of the quakes, so I’m wondering if it’s reasonable at all to think that another one MIGHT form. Of course, I know it would take an EXTREMELY long time to form to the size of a Rainier or a St. Helens, but *could* this be the start of a new one?

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