I am worried that im going to catch hell for asking this but I am starting to get scared. For the past few weeks i have been having HORRIBLE dreams and they seem to actually be coming true.

Two weeks ago I had a dream that a child fell into my bed. I woke up and searched for it wanting to make sure it was ok. A normal reaction when you wake up like that right? Well the next night my daughter fell out of her crib and she fell in such a way that the child in my dream fell.

A little bit after that I had a dream that the ground starting to shake and that everything started crashing down around me. A day or two after that the Haiti earthquake happened.

Almost immediately after that I started dreaming about an explosion every night and it would either keep me awake or wake me up. Today when I went to yahoo.com to look at the articles out of boredom, the first picture i saw for the first article listed was about an explosion overseas.

I’m really getting scared, and heres the part that people are really going to make fun of me for =\ I have been having dreams off and on through all of this of a huge catastrophe-like event.

I guess my question is, am i making too much out of nothing? Its all just a coincidence right?

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