I know the answer. I just wanted to see if you did. The answer is that there is an endless supply of northerners that come to the state after selling their home. So real estate agents/ sellers in Florida can ALMOST charge anything they want. But those folks that move down here usually don’t know the downside to Florida. They don’t know how bad a hurricane really is, or that the cost of living down here is much higher than they thought, or that wages are low, or that crime can be very high, or that social services are not the greatest because od a low tax base, or that homeowners insurance is the highest in the nation, or that the sense of community is not very tight, or that the public schools rank quite low, or that etc… You can’t really warn them beforehand. Gotta find out the hard way like me.
It really isn’t like Disney World.
And also, employers always have an endless new crop of employees to choose from. Keeps the wages low.

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