Our "friend", proclaimed handyman, really got us for home improvements costs. During his work, he asked for ,500. which (duh) I gave him by check written out "cash" w/comments on the bottom "home improvement." I paid for all supplies. Long story short, 75% of work is not finished. He tried to put a sprinkler system in our yard, but had no clue. Our screens on back porch are now in place, but he never finished cutting them properly. We live in FL & Hurricane Katrina did a bit of damage. We paid for a pressure cleaner which he used 1st for his own home & charged us for the rental & /hr. to shoot a bit around our home. Twice he used a snake to unclog, but Draino works. He presented me w/a bill & I could not read it. All scribbles, but thinking he was a good friend of my husband, I wrote him a ,500 check. Later we argued about the unfinished work & I fired him. Can I get any money back? Would appreciate any advice or experiences. TY — Patti H

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