I’ve got an eight-year-old 32" Toshiba–a tube TV, not a flat-screen. Recently the picture has become intermittently jittery and twitchy. Some of the jitters are tiny, but then at other times it’s more like a small earthquake. It can last for 10-20 minutes, but then go away for two or three hours before returning. It happens on every input, so it’s not a loose cable. Hitting the side of the TV isn’t very effective in stopping it, though it does seem to be a reliable way to induce the jittering when it’s not happening already (useful I suppose if/when I need to show the problem to a repair guy).

Don’t know whether I should get it looked at and fixed (or how much that’s likely to cost) or whether I should just take this opportunity to hop on the HD bandwagon. It’s our primary TV, so it’s not something we want to just live with. But at the same time, considering it works just fine for hours between fits of jittering, it seems nowhere near "broken" enough to just scrap it.

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