Gas prices have fallen sharply in the past MONTH and a half.

Despite the fact gas prices are based on supply and demand , demand has only risen while supplies have been mildly harmed by BP’s pipeline problems and problems withint he infrastructure dating back to Hurricane Katrina.

Many of us aren’t fools though. WE KNOW THAT GAS PRICES ARE DROPPING BECAUSE THIS IS ELECTION YEAR (less than 2 months away).

My question is, how many people are going to let falling gas prices SWAY their vote?

America has been using the national debt and astronomical military spending to subsidize the true cost of fuel. This is not an opinion, this is an accepted fact among political researchers. You can bother to investigate it yourself.

JUST KNOW, AFTER NOVEMBER, GAS PRICES ARE RIGHT BACK UP TO .25 – I’m willing to bet money on that.

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